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You give ten thousand pounds, and we'll give ten thousand pounds.

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17 Nov 2013


Today, Giving What We Can: Oxford is launching the Big Match campaign! Every time you donate to the Against Malaria Foundation on their fundraising page, until early December, the Oxford Committee and many generous society committees from Oxford University will match your donation! There is enough funding to keep matching donations until £20,000 has been raised collectively (or £10,000 of public donations)! This is enough to buy over 6,500 bednets!

The Oxford Committee is following the Giving What We Can Warwick Committee, who last year, ran a hugely successful matching campaign for AMF, and is [still ongoing](, currently doing a final push to match the £5,000 supporting their campaign. We hope to raise even more this year in the hope of generating a significant amount of publicity for this amazing charity, and saving a huge number of lives while we do it!

So please give today to ensure your donations make twice as much of a difference! The generous societies that have made this possible are:

  • The Oxford Guild
  • CapitOx
  • St John's College Boat Club
  • Magdelen Film Society
  • Wadham Students Union
  • Oxford University Labour Club
  • The Oxford Student
  • Oxford Philosphy, Politics and Economics Society

Thank you very much to all giving at this time! Donate here!►