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World Malaria Day

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25 Apr 2014

Today is World Malaria Day 2014. It’s a day for gathering support and spreading the word about combating malaria. Malaria is a huge drain on developing economies, and rates of the disease are intimately related with rates of poverty throughout the developing world. It affects development in many ways, including premature mortality, school absenteeism, fertility, population growth and medical costs. Mosquitoes transmit malaria parasites, and symptoms of the disease are flu-like, including headaches, fever and vomiting.

The economic benefits of combating malaria are huge. Whilst it is estimated that each year, US$5.1 billion is needed to fight malaria, the annual cost to Africa of lost GDP due to malaria is at least $12 billion - over double. And yet there is currently a lack of help in this area. In 2012, only US$2.5 billion was available for programmes to fight malaria worldwide.

That’s where we come in. Malaria can be prevented, simply by purchasing and distributing bed nets in areas that need them most. The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), one of Giving What We Can’s top charities, does just this. At $3 per net, and with an expectation of saving a child’s life per $3,600, they are an extremely cost-effective giving opportunity. AMF currently have plans to make their largest ever distribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we are hoping to see more from them soon. Please help us combat this deadly disease - donate a net today!

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