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We're hiring!

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22 Jul 2013


In just three years, Giving What We Can has grown to over 300 members in 25 countries worldwide. The community has pledged over $130m towards ending poverty.

We're now looking to step up our efforts. We're looking to build a dynamic, inspiring team to help spread the word, grow the community and produce rock-solid research.

We're recruiting for a Director of Communications/Community, a Director of Research and a Research Fellow in Global Prioritisation. And we're always on the look out for graduate volunteers and interns. Details below - or on our dedicated jobs page. Do you know anyone that might be interested? Share this post with them!

Who we're looking for

Director of Communications

Are you ready to take Giving What We Can forward? We've just authored our communications strategy for 2013-2014 and we're looking for someone to deliver our message to our target audience and create thousands of leads to follow up. You'll help to shift public debate so that everyone who's anyone will be talking about effective altruism. Thanks to your efforts, giving 10% will increasingly be seen as the social norm.

You'll have online and offline marketing experience. You'll be able to tap into networks of early adopters and organise brilliant, creative events for which word spreads virally. And you'll know how good content gets produced - in video, web and print formats - and be willing to get stuck in where you can. Bonus points for knowledge of Adobe CS or equivalents, Drupal and HTML/CSS.

You'll be able to draw on a small team of volunteers based in Oxford and remotely, and you'll work hand-in-hand with the Director of Community - or, for the right candidate, we will combine the two roles. You'll report to the Executive Director.

Director of Community

Do you love the idea of building a movement? Can you hold seventeen email conversations while also speaking on the phone and writing sparkling, engaging member newsletters? In this role you'll grow our community at a faster rate than ever before - and with every new member you'll be saving lives.

You'll provide one-to-one guidance to members and potential members - helping inspire members to reach out to their social networks to grow the community. You'll have a track record of building or strengthening a community and bringing new members on board. You'll understand the value of CRM systems and learn CiviCRM in no time - if you don't know it already.

You'll have a team of volunteers to draw on and you'll work hand-in-hand with the Director of Communications - or, for the right candidate, we'll combine the two roles. You'll report to the Executive Director.

Director of Research

In this role, you'll help change the way people think about charity, shifting hundreds of thousands of pounds to better causes. You'll directly improve the lives of thousands.

Your main role will be to identify the next level of world-beating charities. And with slick presentation skills you'll be able to translate the detailed quantitative analysis and research methods you use to a wide audience via speaking events, workshops and conferences, as well as through blog posts and social media. Another area of research is in 'cause selection', trying to identify the best metrics to target in order to most improve the world in the long run.

You'll be an inspiring manager of a passionate group of interns and volunteers working both in Oxford and remotely. You'll report to the Executive Director.

Research Fellow in Global Prioritisation

In this role your overall aim would be to do high-level research into which approaches for improving the world are likely to have the best long-term expected impact. As a full-time member of the CEA team you would play an important role in finding the best ways to do good and moving resources into them. The specifics of this role are still to be determined and would be negotiated with a successful candidate.

An undergraduate degree in a subject such as development or global health, economics, econometrics, statistics, political science, ethics, mathematics, physics, philosophy or a field that offers relevant training is essential. The ideal candidate would also have several years of work or postgraduate experience, a thorough understanding of the key ideas of 'effective altruism' and a strong academic background, though we will consider candidates without all of these characteristics.

Why you should apply:


A lot of charities will tell you that you can make a difference. Here we actually calculate that difference and we are driven by improving the measurable results of this organisation.


Offices don't come much more intellectually stimulating than ours. Based in offices shared with the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, you'll be part of a team that dedicates itself to understanding how we can do the most good - and actually delivering on those ideas.

Personal development:

All three positions offer fantastic personal development opportunities. We're looking for talent as well as experience - and you'll have opportunities to learn on the job, supported by a community dedicated to boosting their personal effectiveness.

How to apply

Follow the link to the application form in any of the full job description documents.

Our sister organisation, 80,000 Hours, is also hiring!