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We are Recruiting!

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20 Nov 2012


If you've ever thought about working for Giving What We Can, now's your chance! We're looking for full-time staff and interns to help us grow GWWC and continue researching the most important issues in fighting global poverty.

We're hoping to hire a Head of Communications and/or a Head of Fundraising and External Relations. We're also looking for anyone with an interest in working or interning for us and valuable skills. To find out more, click here.

The first stage of the recruitment process is specially designed to be really quick- you'll fill in a little bit of basic information and then answer one question in 200 words or less. Everyone we've tested the question on thought it was pretty fun - although it does take a bit of serious thinking.

Our sister organisations are also recruiting. 80,000 Hours is looking for a Head of Career Research and Advice. Effective Animal Activism is looking for an Executive Director. The Life You Can Save is looking for a Director of Outreach. For more information on these other roles click here.

If you have any questions, email

Please note that the recruitment deadline has now passed.