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Update to our recommended Global Health and Development charities

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18 Aug 2022

GiveWell has announced a change to their list of top charities to list charities that they believe have highly cost-effective marginal funding opportunities, and also have high confidence that funding will result in significant impact.

They are also introducing a new fund, the GiveWell All Grants Fund, that will support exciting opportunities outside of their Top Charities. We intend to support this new fund and make it available through Giving What We Can in the coming weeks.

Read their full announcement for more information.

GiveWell is currently our primary evaluation partner for our Global Health and Development charities, which means we include their top charities as our recommended charities.

In line with Giving What We Can’s charity inclusion criteria the charities that no longer meet GiveWell’s Top Charity criteria will now become listed charities, which means you can still donate to them via the Giving What We Can donation platform.

We are excited to have a new Director of Research, Sjir Hoeijmakers, joining our team in August and we plan to review our evaluation and inclusion criteria in the coming months.

As we review and make any changes to our evaluation process or inclusion criteria, we will communicate to our members and donors.

At Giving What We Can, we are excited to see new options to support organisations that aim to most effectively improve the lives of others, like GiveWell’s All Grants Fund.

We also recognise the enormous opportunity there is to improve the lives of others through giving effectively, and we hope our community is excited to continue with us on this path.

-The Giving What We Can team

Addition as of 18 August 2022:

GiveDirectly have shared an update in response to GiveWell's annoucement - Why giving directly still means giving well

Addition as of 22 August 2022:

Evidence Action have shared an update: A Change in Designation, Not Evaluation: Deworm the World and GiveWell’s Top Charity Updates