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Toby Ord on morality and helping others

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21 Nov 2012


Earlier this year our Founder and President Toby Ord was interviewed by Owen Barder on the popular podcast Development Drums, which features hour-long discussions with experts in the development community. It is operated by the Centre for Global Development, whose research is also often worth reading. Dr Ord draws on his research as a philosopher at the University of Oxford to talk about consequentialism and other moral theories, and their implications for our responsibilities to those in need around the world. Secondly, Dr Ord explains his personal decision to donate a substantial proportion of his income to the developing world, and shares the factors that guide his choice of recipients

While the key ideas covered will be familiar to Giving What We Can members, I learned a number of interesting new details and responses to critics from listening to it. It is also a good general introduction to our philosophy - and one you can enjoy while commuting, cleaning or jogging - so be sure to pass it around to your friends as well.

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