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The nightmare is real

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3 Dec 2013

Today marks the launch of a high quality mobile video game, marking the event of production company Psyop joining the fight against malaria, in conjunction with the Against Malaria Foundation.

The launch is in conjunction with the launch of a video, narrated by Susan Sarandon. The 90-second spot, starts as a sweet tale about a little girl drifting to sleep at night.


Things turn dark, though, when a giant mosquito impales the child, infecting her with malaria and plunging her into her own bloodstream. A twisted series of psychedelic visuals ensues, taking the viewer on a wild ride through the symptoms of malaria.

The nightmare ends abruptly when mosquitoes hit a net draped around the child’s bed. The call to action is simple: three dollars buys a mosquito net, effectively preventing a malaria infection and limiting the spread of the deadly disease.

“EGG is our chance each year to step outside our comfort zone and push the boundaries a bit” says Marco Spier, Director and Founding Partner at Psyop. “This year, we also decided to make a game inspired by the spot. We’ve never done that before.”


In “Nightmare: Malaria,” players make their way through 18 levels of fever-dream visuals, avoiding killer mosquitoes and collecting hard-to-reach teddy bear tokens along the way.

The game is now available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store for Android.

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