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SCI matching donations at The Big Give tomorrow and Saturday

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6 Dec 2012

For the second year running, one of our recommended charities, Schistosomiasis Control Initative, is participating in The Big Give Christmas challenge, where for every £1 you donate, will match it with another £1. Thanks to the immense support shown by GWWC members last year, SCI decided to double their target this year, to £50,000. Match funding was on this morning, and will also be available from 10am on the 7th and 8th of December (Friday and Saturday) until it runs out.

If you have been planning to make your Giving What We Can donations for this year (or indeed, any other donations!), now is a great time to do it. It's also an ideal opportunity to bring up SCI, Giving What We Can, and effective charity in general, with your friends and family - perhaps by posting about the offer on Facebook and Twitter.

Taking part is simple, and you will be told if match funding is still available when you try to make a donation, giving you the chance to stop and come back the following day if funding has run out. Together we can contribute to over 1.5 million children in Ethiopia becoming parasite free through SCI.

We have some doubts about whether these matching schemes really increase the impact of your donation as much as it initially seems, which we will write about in a future post. Nonetheless, they probably increase the impact somewhat, so head over and do your Christmas giving now!