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Quadruple your donation to AMF- in praise of donation matching

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21 Dec 2014

One of our members has set up a donation page that allows you to have your donation to AMF quadrupled this Christmas. This is a great opportunity to increase the impact of your donation! Read on to learn more about Allan's motivation for matching donations.

I have also always been keen on match fundraising. Not only does it increase the amount of money raised, it also involves collaborating with other people and psychologically makes people feel better about the money they donate. I always look for donation matching appeals at christmas time (when they tend to occur) to increase the impact of my donation.


There are critics of donation matching who argue that it can distract donors and lead to a misallocation of donations, and that donors should focus on donating to the most effective charities. Research by Givewell and other charity evaluators clearly shows that some charities are many times more effective than others, and clearly this can dwarf the impact of matching.

However I think it's possible to have the best of both worlds, and since I joined Giving What We Can, I'm keen to maximise the impact of my donations by looking for matching opportunities for the most effective charities.

Charity Science has kindly offered to match all donations to the Against Malaria Foundation up to 31st December 2014, so I've set up the below fundraising page offering to match all donations up to a total of £5,000. After Charity Science's matching, this then means that donations to the page will be quadrupled (to raise a total of up to £20,000).

Many thanks for your generosity- please donate before the 31st December 2014 deadline.

Quadruple your donation to AMF