Podcast episode #8

Simran Dhaliwal: Funding projects to save future generations at Longview Philanthropy

1 min read
10 Aug 2022

In this interview filmed at EA Global London 2022 with Simran Dhaliwal, the co-CEO of Longview Philanthropy, we talk about what Longview Philanthropy does, what problems it is working to solve, and Simran's own journey to effective giving.

One bonus fun fact about Longview is that all their senior staff have signed The Giving What We Can Pledge.




00:00 - Introduction to Simran and what Longview Philanthropy does

02:13 - Longview runs events to turn longtermist ideas into action

03:26 - How Simran would pitch longtermism and Longview's impact to a new audience

05:30 - What's it like to work with donors interested in the long-term future?

06:30 - How did these donors find these ideas?

07:38 - How Longview approaches helping people prioritise different causes

08:22 - What has Simran changed her mind about in the last year?

09:51 - What are some of the positive changes in effective altruism and any areas of concern?

11:00 - The comparative advantages small donors bring to the table in philanthropy

13:13 - Plans for growing Longview Philanthropy

16:55 - Media grantmaking program

18:36 - Conclusions and final thoughts