Podcast episode #9

Joey Savoie: Making it easier for great charities to exist

2 min read
17 Aug 2022

In this interview, we chat to Joey Savoie, CEO and co-founder of Charity Entrepreneurship, an incubator that helps launch high-impact nonprofits by connecting entrepreneurs with effective ideas, training, and funding. Joey provides an overview of Charity Entrepreneurship and the problems they're working to solve; he also shares his thoughts on the charity sector, the concept of efficacy, and the role altruism plays in his life.

Since its founding in 2018, Charity Entrepreneurship has helped launch 18 impactful nonprofits, which have reached over 5 million humans and improved the lives of 1.2 million animals.

You can donate to Charity Entrepreneurship via Giving What We Can.

Donate to Charity Entrepreneurship


  • 00:00 - Introduction to Joey and Charity Entrepreneurship
  • 01:04 - The story behind Charity Entrepreneurship's founding
  • 04:21 - Projects Charity Entrepreneurship has helped launch
  • 07:05 - Cause areas Charity Entrepreneurship focuses on
  • 08:48 - Charity Entrepreneurship's core propositions, benefits, and why donors might be interested in supporting the org
  • 12:52 - What value can smaller donors bring to philanthropy?
  • 15:29 - Joey's pitch that "efficacy" in charity can be evaluated, measured, and aimed for
  • 17:39 - Some surprising realizations about the charitable sector
  • 21:07 - The nuances of bottlenecks
  • 24:50 - What mistakes do people make when thinking about the concept of effectiveness, especially at first?
  • 26:38 - Joey's relationship with altruism
  • 28:07 - How would Joey spend a billion dollars?
  • 31:05 - Joey's advice/asks for viewers


  • Production: Julian Hazell & Grace Adams
  • Videographer and video editor: Andy Brice
  • Video editor: Marco Shimabukuro
  • Interviewer: Luke Freeman
  • Guest: Joey Savoie