October Newsletter 2022

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1 Nov 2022

Hello and welcome to our October Newsletter!

Our favourite season is almost upon us…Giving Season! We are preparing for our biggest year yet, and we are excited to help more people learn about the incredible impact that effective giving can make.

Join our biggest event this year: Effective Giving Day

The world can be an overwhelming place with all the global challenges we are facing but effective giving gives us the tools to make an outstanding impact, as an individual, but especially as a global community.

Join us for Effective Giving Day this year and discover how you can create up to 100x more impact with your donations. You will hear from experts about how you can find charities that do the most good and get their recommendations on where to donate across a variety of causes.

Effective Giving Day will also feature guests including GWWC co-founder William MacAskill and bestselling author Rutger Bregman who will talk about how effective giving has become an important part of their lives.

If you have questions about charity, giving or high impact causes, we have the experts to answer them! Submit your video question by November 10th and we’ll select some to be answered during the event.

After the event, join us online for a Gathertown event or if you prefer - attend an event in your city (make sure you RSVP to find out about in person events)!

Join Effective Giving Day 2022 on Monday 28th November (29th November for Asia/Pacific) and do more than you thought possible.

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We want you to participate in this year's Giving Season campaign!

We’re looking for our community to join us in showcasing how empowering it can be to do good through giving effectively. We want to feature community members talking about why they’re motivated to give effectively and how it’s made a difference to their lives!

Just a short 10 to 30 second video recorded on a smartphone would be fantastic. Submit your video here by the 7th of November and be involved in sharing effective giving with the world!

Get us to talk at your workplace or community group!

Many people start thinking about how to give back towards the end of the year. If you’d like us to host a talk or workshop at your workplace or with your community group about effective giving over the coming months, please fill in this form! We are excited to share the ideas of effective giving with new people and have found talks and workshops to be impactful.

We’re excited to continue our mission to create a world where giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm this Giving Season!

-Grace Adams & the rest of the Giving What We Can team

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This month we’ll speak with Anam Abdulla, Senior Manager of the Deworm the World Initiative at Evidence Action. Well known in the EA community for its cost-effective impact, Deworm The World delivers mass school-based deworming programs to parts of the world that most need it. Join us for this Q&A session to learn more about Evidence Action and the Deworm The World Initiative.


This month we are joined by Carlita Bevege, the Associate Director, External Relations for Evidence Action. Evidence Action is an organization that scales evidence-based and cost-effective programs, including Dispensers for Safe Water, Deworm the World, as well as running an accelerator program for selecting and assessing “ready-to-scale” interventions. Please join us for this Q&A session to learn more about the work that Evidence Action does and the impact of the programs they run.

Open Forum

Our open forum is an event where you can come along with questions about effective giving and/or to meet others interested in effective giving. This event alternates between Europe/Asia and Americas/Oceania each month.

Next Open Forum (Americas/Europe)

Effective Giving Day

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News & Updates

Effective altruism community

Evaluators, grantmakers and incubators

  • GiveWell has published a blog post answering some of the questions it's gotten from donors about the grant it recommended to Evidence Action for a chlorine dispenser program, Dispensers for Safe Water, and about its overall water quality investigation. Chlorination appears to be a promising way to reduce child mortality in areas with unsafe water. Since recommending the grant for Dispensers for Safe Water in January of this year, GiveWell has been exploring other chlorination interventions, such as in-line chlorination, for possible funding.
  • GiveWell has also published pages about $13.5 million in grants it recommended to Malaria Consortium for seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC), and a $3.4 million grant to Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) to fund the construction of additional trailbridges as part of a study of B2P's program. B2P builds trailbridges in rural communities to help residents access schools and markets, which GiveWell believes may increase household income.
  • GiveWell strongly encourages followers of its work to consider applying for its Senior Researcher position, or sharing the opening with someone who may be interested.
  • Animal Charity Evaluators turned 10 as well as recently released a new decision-making framework for animal charities to help them become more effective.
  • Founders Pledge have introduced a new Global Catastrophic Risks fund.
  • Charity Entrepreneurship applications close on the 31st!

Cause areas

Animal welfare

Global health and development

Long-term future

Streamline your giving by setting up a recurring donation to a highly-effective charity today!

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