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May 2022 Newsletter

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26 May 2022

Hello and welcome to our May Newsletter!


This month we're experimenting with a video summary of our newsletter. Watch it and tell us whether you think we should continue with this format in the future via a 30 second survey!

Until next time, keep doing good!

-Luke Freeman & the rest of the Giving What We Can team.

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Hi and welcome to our May newsletter and updates!

This month we're trying out a new video and audio introduction to our newsletter, where we give you the highlights and most important news! You'll find links to everything we talk about below.
Let us know what you think - and whether we should continue this for the coming months.

Let's dive right in

At Giving What We Can we have some exciting news - we have formally taken over the EA funds donation platform while EA Funds will continue to do the grantmaking activities. So if you are looking to make donations to effective charities in the US, UK or Netherlands you can now visit

We have just released a new YouTube video on Global Health and Development. We recommend you check it out if you're interested in this area and share it with your friends who might benefit from hearing about effective giving in global health and development.

The Giving What We Can staff will be joining our monthly meet ups this month and we'd love to say hi and get to know you if you're available!

In other news:

GiveDirectly published an article on why they didn't launch to support Ukrainians affected by the war. They saw the opportunity as impactful but ultimately didn't have the capacity to launch the program without deprioritising others. Instead, they chose to continue work on launching a program in Yemen, which the UN has called "the world's worst humanitarian crisis" and where over 22 million people need emergency aid.

Charity Entrepreneurship has launched career coaching for impact oriented entrepreneurs, so if you're interested in working in or starting an effective organisation, this could be a great opportunity for you!

A new article from Vox's Future Perfect column explains that a fridge in the US consumes more energy in a year than an individual in many countries in order to demonstrate global energy inequity.

And finally, Will MacAskill, co-founder of Giving What We Can was recently on the 80,000 Hours podcast where he discussed balancing frugality with ambition, whether you need longtermism, and mental health under pressure with host Rob Wiblin.

That's all for now - there are many more articles linked in the newsletter and don't forget to let us know what you think of this format!

Until next time, keep on doing good!


Members Seren Kell, Rishub Jain and Arvind Raghavan were featured in this article from Positive News about effective giving and effective altruism!

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