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This month, I wanted to feature an update from one of our recommended charities: New Incentives.

When we’re donating to organisations working far away, it can be easy to forget just how much of an impact our money is having. So I found this photo story sharing the work of New Incentives in Nigeria particularly inspiring. The story follows two members of a mobile vaccination team, Idris and Abubakar, who are trying to reach the babies who have missed their last round of vaccines or haven’t yet presented to the clinic for vaccinations. I encourage you to check it out!


Three-week-old Aliyu is about to receive his first vaccine. Photo credit: NI-ABAE

And for a bit more context about New Incentives: In January 2024, New Incentives had 11,130 mobile vaccination teams go out across the nine states where they work. They have enrolled close to 3 million infants in the program since their inception.

We’re proud to recommend New Incentives as one of our top charities, and they are also a GiveWell top-rated charity. GiveWell estimates that in 2022, $5000 USD donated to New Incentives would have prevented a child’s death.


The team lays out mats and organises supplies in front of the village head’s home, while the town crier and women from CHIPS go around the village calling on caregivers to bring their babies to the mobile immunisation clinics. Photo credit: NI-ABAE

We’re grateful to Idris, Abubakar and all the New Incentives staff and partners on the ground, across Nigeria.

[Read the full photo story here]

There is lots more great news below. Right at the bottom is our new video “You’re richer than you realise”, which many people have told me they think is the perfect video to send to your families to explain effective giving!

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Motivations for Pledging

Here are some of our favourite responses from people who took a pledge last month:

What motivated you to take a pledge with Giving What We Can?

  • “What counts as a little for me can go a lot further for others, and I feel an obligation to uplift people with what resources I have available to me.” Kabir Khanna
  • “I pledged to myself some time ago. I was inspired to pledge on Giving What We Can to help spread the word and increase the impact.” Paul de Groot
  • “Because I believe this is the best way to help others, and that charity begins where we can help the most.” Shamiso Chitongo

Upcoming Events

All the events that we list are open to anyone interested in effective giving!

Think like a consultant: How to maximise your ROI on charitable impact

Apr 25, 12pm Eastern Time, 6pm Berlin

One for the World is hosting a virtual event featuring Anne Schulze of Effektiv Spenden as the keynote speaker. The event will be particularly relevant for aspiring and current consultants who want to consider how to maximise their charitable impact within their future careers.

Register here

World Malaria Day is on April 25!

Despite being both preventable and treatable, malaria still kills about half a million children every year. WMD aims to raise awareness about this devastating disease and inspire commitments to take action against it. Want to observe WMD? Consider donating to Malaria Consortium (seasonal malaria chemoprevention) and the Against Malaria Foundation (bed nets to prevent malaria), two of our top-rated charities working on malaria prevention and treatment

News & Updates


  • We just published what might be one of the best introductions to effective giving we have ever produced! In our new mini-documentary-style video “You're richer than you realise” we hit the streets to speak with Londoners about their views on charity, giving back, and where they thought they stood on the global income scale. Please help us share this video far and wide to spread awareness about income inequality and charity effectiveness – comments and social media shares are especially appreciated :)
  • The GWWC pledge, effective giving, and Chris's new book Infectious Generosity are all featured in this interview with TED’s Chris Anderson for the podcast Win-Win with Liv Boeree, where they discuss how we can make generosity and kindness go viral. Both Liv and Chris are pledgers!


  • High Impact Athletes (HIA) founder, ATP tennis pro and GWWC pledger Marcus Daniell is upping his giving game by donating 50% of all his prize money from his final year on tour. HIA is inviting everyone to donate alongside Marcus in their campaign Back with Impact.
  • Effectief Geven has launched with the aim of growing the effective giving community in Belgium! You can connect with Effectief Geven and donate in Belgium on their website.
  • GWWC pledger Jo Duyvestyn has donated €35,617 since taking the pledge 10 years ago. To help her celebrate 10 years of giving, she’s running a fundraiser to raise 10% of her 10% – and it’s running for a few more days ❤️

Cause areas

Animal welfare

  • The Humane League UK attempted to deliver an open letter, signed by renowned TV Naturalist and Co-op member Chris Packham and over 2000 other members, to encourage Co-op to embrace the full Better Chicken Commitment (BCC). Co-op refused to accept the letter, but THL UK has continued to apply pressure on them to adopt the full BCC through other actions, such as a recent advert in The Guardian and a direct appeal from Chris Packham.
  • Big Think published a video titled ‘The Hidden Cost of Cheap Meat exposed by Peter Singer’, in which Singer impresses upon viewers the problematic nature of our factory food systems and the underlying psychology that fuels them, and shares a path towards more ethical eating.

Global health and wellbeing

  • New Incentives has released a photo blog documenting how it helps vaccinate hard-to-reach infants in rural Nigeria. Digital platform VaccinesWork recently published an article about their program, dubbing it "cashvocacy".
  • The Life You Can Save celebrated a major milestone: they have moved over $100m to their recommended effective charities! They have also appointed new leadership to further strengthen the organisation’s mission and have updated their charity evaluation framework to focus more intensively on the complexities of poverty.
  • The Lead Exposure Elimination Project (LEEP)
    • Is hiring a Program Manager for Pakistan. This person will be responsible for managing the successful delivery of the paint program in Pakistan, as well as developing and implementing new programs on spices and cosmetics.
    • Recently published its 2023 Annual Review
  • Family Empowerment Media is hiring for two positions: Head of Operations and Operations Manager. These positions are an opportunity to have a significant impact on improving maternal health in Nigeria.
  • Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL)
    • Announced its upcoming bootcamp in Nairobi from June 3 to 14, aimed at empowering program implementers across Africa. Registration is open until March 31st.
    • Will host a webinar on April 4, focusing on the impact and spread of TaRL models in Sub-Saharan Africa. TaRL also shared that its team has been participating in CIES events and recently presented evidence at SALEX 2024, “Harvesting the Power of Evidence for Schools”, highlighting the organisation’s commitment to improving education across the continent.
  • Suvita
    • GiveWell spotlighted Suvita’s work on promoting vaccinations through SMS text message reminders and Immunization Ambassadors who share information about vaccines in local communities.
    • Suvita also made their first foray into expanding SMS message reminders to additional states in India by visiting the state of Rajasthan to understand the routine immunisation context and explore potential partnerships.

Global Catastrophic Risk Reduction

Evaluators, grantmakers and incubators

  • GiveWell
    • Recently published a blog post explaining its grantmaking scope, and in particular, how and why it grants beyond the top charities list that it is best known for.
    • Is hiring for several positions, including newly posted Research Analyst positions and a Head of Philanthropy position.
  • Ambitious Impact (formerly Charity Entrepreneurship) has launched a new program: Founding to Give. Apply now to launch a high-growth company!
  • Giving Green released its 2023 annual impact report. In 2023, Giving Green moved $11.2 million USD to high-impact climate initiatives, resulting in an impact multiplier of 19x.
  • The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is making a recruiter hire. The team is taking on a new CEO and spinning out from Effective Ventures to become an independent organisation. This is one of its largest-ever hiring bursts, and the person in this role will play a key part in ensuring the organisation attracts the talent it needs to be successful.

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