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Introducing our 'Open Forum' online events

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27 Oct 2020

Do you have a burning question about effective giving, pledging to give, Giving What We Can, or effective altruism? Want to make a suggestion or discuss an idea? Just keen to meet others interested in effective giving?


Join us for Giving What We Can's Open Forum hosted on the third Thursday/Wednesday of each month by Luke Freeman from Giving What We Can. We will be alternating timezones to help make these more accessible.

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The first event is held at 6:00am Sydney time, which works out to:

  • London: Wednesday 7:00 pm
  • Berlin: Wednesday 8:00 pm
  • New York: Wednesday 2:00 pm
  • Los Angeles: Wednesday 11:00 am

We especially recommend this event for:

  • People who have recently started giving effectively or made a giving pledge
  • People considering giving more effectively or pledging to give
  • People making a donation decision and want feedback
  • People who want to advocate for effective giving
  • People looking for inspiration from others
  • People looking to meet others who give effectively and hear their experiences
  • People who enjoy discussing effective giving and effective altruism more broadly

Don't feel any pressure to have a good question or idea, if you just want to say hello we'll have space for introductions and some discussion questions always on hand.

Interested in more events? We have regular meetups and speaker events listed on our events page.