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Internship opportunities at Giving What We Can

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10 Feb 2014

We are currently looking for interns to join our Graduate Volunteer Scheme. This involves a period of several months' work in our Oxford-based office. Work will be varied, and prioritised by the most pressing needs in the six month plan. We are also taking applications for our two-week student development programme in September. All candidates would ideally be intelligent and hardworking, and motivated by the idea of contributing to our mission of inspiring donations to the most effective charities fighting extreme poverty.

Taking up a graduate volunteer position is a great way to gain experience for your future career as well as meet and work with a diverse range of fascinating and motivated people at the same time. There is a large amount of job flexibility, meaning that you can work on whatever is most useful and will develop your skills in a good way. It is also a great way to do good and make a positive impact.

See below for more information; details are also available on our recruitment page.

Long-term internships on our Graduate Volunteer Scheme

We run a Graduate Volunteer Scheme on which you can intern with us for several months. We can often provide accommodation and expenses to ensure that you're not left out of pocket. As a Graduate Volunteer, there are lots of different areas to work on, and there's plenty of flexibility to adjust the role so it plays to your strengths and development aims. We make it our responsibility to ensure your time here allows you to grow as much as possible, as well as just being lots of fun! We're looking for hardworking individuals with a strong desire for personal development who are deeply interested in making the world a better place in an effective way.

The scheme has proved very popular with our current interns, with a stimulating and dedicated atmosphere in the office and a lively and welcoming community outside office hours. Perhaps the strongest evidence of this is that many have extended their stays repeatedly. Once you have applied, we are happy to connect you with a current intern to discuss what it's like to work with us. Read more about why it's great to work at CEA here.

Your chances of being offered an internship are greatly increased if you can secure your own funding, for example through scholarships and fundraising.

For more details, see here. If you would be interested in interning with us, please indicate your interest via this form.


Two week September internship


Do you want to join the fight against global poverty and gain experience of research or communications within the voluntary sector?

In this two week period (15th-26th September 2014) interns will gain training and experience in the area of their choice; either cost-effectiveness Research or Communications. For more details and to apply, see this page.

Why Giving What We Can is a great place to work

Be at the heart of an inspiring community of people who care about others and really put their passion into practice

We have members all around the world, all of whom are dedicating a large part of their income to helping people in the developing world as much as they can, and supporting each other in doing so. You would be getting to know these members, answering their questions, providing support to them and helping them to help others.

Work with friendly and intellectual staff

You'd be working alongside a talented, interesting and highly motivated team.

Meet interesting and varied people

Giving What We Can shares an office with the rest of the Centre for Effective Altruism and with the Future of Humanity Institute, which is part of the University of Oxford. There are always fascinating people around, and we often hold joint seminars and training sessions, as well as many social events.

Be part of a fast-growing organisation and social movement

It's a hugely exciting place to be, and has opportunities for swiftly increasing responsibility

Help the world

Each new member of Giving What We Can saves around 10 lives, meaning that your work can help prevent hundreds of unnecessary deaths each year!