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Giving What We Can needs your support — only 5 days left to close our funding gap

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25 Jun 2015

With just a couple of days to go of our spring fundraiser, we are still £40,000 off our target. We really need your help to help us reach our goal, so that we can make concrete plans for our future, and go back to our main job — getting more people to take the pledge to give.

You can still double the effect of your donation — there is still £10,000 of matching funding for new donors — but it has to be before July!

Over 2014 our membership doubled. Over 2015, using the money we're currently trying to raise, we aim to double again. We plan to do this by focusing on chapter growth and by capitalising on the media attention around Effective Altruism over the summer, to make sure that it results in concrete impact.

It's pretty amazing how much we can each do individually by donating 10% of our incomes to the most effective causes. Someone on the median US wage could save a person's life every year! But if we could make it the norm in the developing world, we really could end extreme poverty around the world. Hopefully this summer will be the start of making that happen!

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