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Giving What We Can is Hiring! Director of Growth.

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18 Sept 2015


In just five years, Giving What We Can has grown to over 1150 members in 30 countries worldwide. The community has pledged over $450m towards ending poverty. We are looking for additional hires to build on this success.

Apply to be our Director of Growth

As Director of Growth you will be ensuring that interest in effective giving actually translates to more donations to effective charities, and thereby more people helped. You would be reporting to the Executive Director, Michelle Hutchinson.

Specifically, you would be responsible for:

  • Reaching out to people interested in donating effectively to offer answers to questions and other assistance
  • Chatting to people one on one about questions and concerns they might have about joining Giving What We Can, doing Try Giving, or donating to top charities.
  • Following up with people who requested more information or planned to get more involved later on, and ensuring that we have a reliable system for keeping track of them.
  • Our social media presence

We’re a small team, so you’ll also have the opportunity to be involved in recruitment, fundraising, publishing our findings in the media and whatever else most interests you.

Why work at Giving What We Can

  • Be at the heart of an inspiring community of people who care about others and really put their passion into practice: We have members all around the world, all of whom are dedicating a large part of their income to helping others as much as they can, and supporting each other in doing so. You would be getting to know these members, answering their questions, providing support to them and helping them to help others.
  • Work with friendly and intellectual staff: You’d be working alongside a talented, interesting and highly motivated team.
  • Meet interesting and varied people: Giving What We Can shares an office with the rest of the Centre for Effective Altruism and with the Future of Humanity Institute, which is part of the University of Oxford. There are always fascinating people around, and we often hold joint seminars and training sessions, as well as many social events.
  • Be part of a fast-growing organisation and social movement: It’s a hugely exciting place to be, and has opportunities for swiftly increasing responsibility
  • Help the world: Each new member of Giving What We Can saves around 10 lives, meaning that the right person in this job could help prevent over 100 unnecessary deaths each year!

Why apply?

This role has great potential for impact: Over the past couple of years, Giving What We Can has reached millions of people with its message of committing to donate the most effective charities. It’s crucial to ensure that people have all the information they need to act on that message. By leading our individual outreach, you can help move thousands of pounds to charity. In so doing, you would be interacting on a daily basis with large numbers of people who are passionate about helping others. As one of the key team members of a rapidly growing small organisation, you’ll have great responsibility, autonomy and room to grow.

If you work for Giving What We Can, you’ll be part of a focused team of intelligent, caring, enthusiastic colleagues who want to change the world, located in beautiful Oxford.

Who would it suit?

We’re looking for someone who cares deeply about alleviating extreme poverty as effectively as possible and is excited to get others on board with that aim.

You’ll need excellent written and spoken communications skills, to enjoy interacting with large numbers of people, be very conscientious and thrive as part of a team.

Some examples of experience that would be especially useful include journalism and sales – though we’re interested in anyone who can demonstrate the skills. Also helpful would be experience with customer relationship management systems such as CiviCRM or Salesforce.

Candidates will be selected on the following traits, and should aim to demonstrate them in their application:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Social skills and network
  • Robust positive self-motivation
  • Having an effective altruist mindset
  • Altruism
  • Focus on effectiveness
  • Writing and verbal skills
  • Relevant experience and skills.

We would be willing to negotiate a starting salary between £19,000 and £25,000, depending on experience. Salaries are raised by £1,000 each six months conditional on good performance.

We're also interested in open applications:

As a rapidly growing team, we are always on the look-out for dedicated and talented team members. As a young organisation, we are still in the process of developing the best strategy and our plans change rapidly. We are therefore particularly open to considering applications from candidates with broad skill sets and enthusiasm for work in a number of areas. If you think you’d be a good fit for our team in a capacity other than the specific roles we’re advertising, we’d love to hear from you. Amongst the skills which would be particularly useful to our team are:

  • Web development
  • Design
  • Outreach
  • Marketing
  • High net worth fundraising
  • Public speaking
  • Writing
  • Accounting / finance