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2 Nov 2013


Progress in education has been rated as satisfactory. The main focus has been funding to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), which provides funding and technical support to help low income countries implement sound education plans. In 2011 and 2012, G8 members provided 49% of the contributions to this partnership. There has been some progress. GPE support has helped:

  • enrol nearly 23 million more children into school,
  • build over 37 thousand classrooms,
  • trained over 413 000 teachers.

However, the report acknowledges that large funding gaps remain. As at least 250 million children cannot read or count, it is clear that the G8 has not been doing enough for education. According to the Overseas Development Office, the target the G8 sets for education is very unambitious: it represents only 2% of the education for all funding gap, while the G8 accounts for 70% of all aid.