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Effective Giving Advocacy Challenge 2021

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21 Oct 2021

Want to advocate for effective giving but don’t know how?


This giving season from November 30 (Giving Tuesday) through to January 1 (New Years Day) we’ll be running an Effective Giving Advocacy Challenge alongside our Pledge Drive.

Sign up and we’ll send a small action you can take each day to make a difference this giving season!

Join the advocacy challenge

Once the challenge is over, we’ll send you (or a friend) a free book related to effective altruism as our way of saying thanks.

We’ll also be sharing our prompts across our social media accounts and our Giving What We Can Community Facebook group - join us and we’ll all share which actions we’ve taken with the community. (Make sure you sign up via the form below to be eligible for a free book at the end of the challenge)