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EA Funds donation platform is moving to Giving What We Can

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23 May 2022

Since late 2021 Effective Altruism Funds (EA Funds) and Giving What We Can (GWWC) have been going through a restructure. EA Funds has moved towards focussing primarily on grantmaking and GWWC has taken over the management of the donation platform.


In April 2022 we soft-launched a rebranded GWWC donation portal. Over the coming months the donation specific functionality of will be retired and redirected to GWWC's version of the donation platform (the pages related to the four EA Funds and grantmaking will continue on and the homepage will become more grantee focused). A new GWWC website is currently under development which will include a fully integrated donation experience (as well as improving our pledge dashboard and signup process).

As well as the donation platform, GWWC will continue to support the donor lottery, and any of the other formerly EA Funds activities relating to fundraising while maintaining our existing work promoting effective giving (e.g. pledge, community, guides, talks, marketing campaigns and research).

EA Funds will continue to manage the grantmaking activities of their four Funds and will at some point post an update about their plans moving forward and this includes some of the reasoning for this restructure decision. GWWC has also recently posted an update about our strategy which is very relevant to this decision.

We will be consulting with donors, stakeholders and the broader community about the future of the donation platform and how we can best support effective giving within the community.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any feedback, suggestions, requests, or concerns.

We look forward to this next chapter and are excited to continue our mission to create a world where giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm!