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December 2020 Newsletter

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28 Dec 2020

2020 has been quite a year. It would be hard to find a single person who's remained unaffected by the turmoil of the pandemic. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted, and we deeply appreciate the support and commitment of this community. Your enthusiasm for making the world a better place is wonderful, touching, and inspiring.


On a positive note, this year we've seen an incredible amount of generosity (our most pledges ever) and seen many good things happening in the world amongst it all (check out the silver linings of 2020 and 99 good news stories from 2020).

As giving season comes to an end and the new year approaches, now is a great time to review the updated giving recommendations and make an end of year donation:

For many donors we recommend using a charity regranting fund that allows donors to pool their money together to find outstanding giving opportunities. See our list of charity regranting funds.

As we have conversations with friends and family around giving gifts, and new plans for the new year, it's also a fantastic time to talk about making a commitment to use your income to help others. Check out our Share Our Ideas page for some tips on talking about effective giving.

Now is also a great time to reflect on your giving for 2020 and record your donations in your dashboard (this also helps us track impact).

A lot has been happening over at Giving What We Can, here are the key recent highlights and updates:

We've also published some new posts on our blog:

We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events in January, including two online Meetups (Jan 9/10) and an Open Forum (Jan 21).

Keep reading below for news & updates from evaluators, grantmakers, incubators, our community, and various cause areas!

Evaluators, Grantmakers, Incubators


  • Read the latest updates from 28 effective altruism organisations -- all the way from 80,000 Hours to Wild Animal Initiative!
  • EA Medicine is a new network for people working in healthcare and interested in effective altruism.
  • In Sweden the new site launched to promote effective giving to a Swedish audience. With zero transaction costs you can support global health, climate and animal welfare charities.
  • The talks from Effective Giving Day are now available for streaming on YouTube.
  • WANBAM (Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship) is now accepting Expressions of Interest for mentees.



Animal Welfare

Climate Change

Global Health & Economic Development

Long-term Future

Subjective Well-being

Share Our Ideas

A great way to multiply your impact is to simply tell people about effective giving. Here are just a few ways you can help advocate for effective giving:

Advocate for effective giving

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