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Could you be our new Director of Community?

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3 Feb 2014


Apply to be our Director of Community!

Giving What We Can is looking for an enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated individual to be our Director of Community! This role involves keeping in close contact with our community of members (currently 430). It means being the main point of contact for people considering whether to join Giving What We Can, to offer advice and support in their decision. The ideal candidate would be confident and knowledgeable about effective giving, allowing them to give presentations and talk to journalists with authority. Please read below for more details. For information on applying, please see our recruitment page.

Giving What We Can is an ambitious non-profit that raises money for the charities that most effectively reduce global poverty, and is one of the flagship organisations of the global 'effective altruist' movement. It does this in large part by asking people to pledge to donate 10% of their income to the best charities that they are aware of. To date, Giving What We Can's 430 members have collectively pledged over £100 million!

The Director of Community is an essential part of our team, and of the process by which we have impact in helping those in poverty. We have found that in order to be willing to pledge to give 10% of their income for the rest of their lives, people need personal contact with a friendly member of staff who can answer their questions and introduce them to other people doing the same.

We are looking for someone willing to stay in this role for a significant period of time. If successful, this person could eventually oversee a team of people attracting and engaging members. They would work closely with the Director of Communications who would help to generate interest amongst prospective members and the Executive Director who would set the strategic direction of the organisation.

Why work at Giving What We Can

  • Be at the heart of an inspiring community of people who care about others and really put their passion into practice: We have members all around the world, all of whom are dedicating a large part of their income to helping people in the developing world as much as they can, and supporting each other in doing so. You would be getting to know these members, answering their questions, providing support to them and helping them to help others.
  • Work with friendly and intellectual staff: You’d be working alongside a talented, interesting and highly motivated team.
  • Meet interesting and varied people: Giving What We Can shares an office with the rest of the Centre for Effective Altruism and with the Future of Humanity Institute, which is part of the University of Oxford. There are always fascinating people around, and we often hold joint seminars and training sessions, as well as many social events.
  • Be part of a fast-growing organisation and social movement: It’s a hugely exciting place to be, and has opportunities for swiftly increasing responsibility
  • Help the world: Each new member of Giving What We Can saves around 10 lives, meaning that the right person in this job could help prevent over 100 unnecessary deaths each year!

Necessary skills

The right person for this job would:

  • Be extroverted, friendly, and excited about talking to up to 20 people each week.
  • Be comfortable asking people directly to give to charity, or take our 10% giving pledge.
  • Over time, become on a first name basis with hundreds of people who are part of our charitable community.
  • Be able to manage email threads with 10-30 prospective members simultaneously, and send them joining information via post in a timely fashion.

Valuable skills

The ideal candidate would also

  • be able to write well for our members' newsletter and blog
  • be comfortable speaking publicly, or to journalists, about giving and cost effectiveness research
  • be able to use our CRM to track potential and existing members
  • have some knowledge of the key concepts related to cost effective giving
  • be able to manage members who volunteer running chapters around the world.

We would be willing to have a start salary between £18,000 and £30,000, depending on experience. Giving What We Can operates in the University of Oxford's offices in Oxford.

You can apply for our Director of Community position by clicking here