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A good weekend for a top charity!

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3 Dec 2013

This Sunday, GiveWell released their official update of their top recommended charities for the giving season 2013. The most recent charity to make the list is a Giving What We Can recommended charity, Deworm the World. Deworm the World (DtW) operates under the umbrella of Evidence Action. Evidence Action also manages Dispensers for Safe Water, which Giving What We Can is looking into separately.


Here is GiveWell's justificationf for recommending DtW:

"In isolation, our best guess is that DtWl's deworming program is likely less cost effective than SCI's (about 50-100% as cost effective) and GiveWell staff differ about its cost-effectiveness relative to cash transfers (1.5-3x as cost effective). This is because worm infections appear less prevalent and (particularly) less intense where DtWI works than where SCI works. However, DtWI focuses on influencing government spending rather than covering all costs with its own funds, and we think it is therefore appropriate to give it some degree of credit for "leverage" - making your dollars go further than they otherwise would."


Schistosomiasis Contol Initiative remained a top charity supported by GiveWell, despite recent concerns over it's effectiveness. GiveDirectly also remained on the list of recommendations, following a rigorous introspective study it completed.

As mentioned in a previous post, GiveWell dropped AMF from their list of recommended charities, due to a percieved lack of room for funding. We will be Skyping Rob Mather to discuss GiveWell's most recent decision at 2.30pm GMT on Wednesday 04/12/2013. If you have any questions you'd like to put to him, please get in touch at

See more on Deworm the World on our recommended charities page.