How To Link To Giving What We Can

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A great way to advocate for effective giving is to link to useful pages on the Giving What We Can website.

We regularly welcome new members to our community because they saw a link on a website, email signature, social media, or forum.

These links back to Giving What We Can not only directly send people to useful pages on our website, but they also tell search engines what pages are important for what search queries.

On this page we'll provide some example ideas of where you might want to link to Giving What We Can and some tips for how best to do so.

Social media & forums

Facebook posts

Example Facebook post after taking the pledge from David Kile:


Example Facebook post on a pledge anniversaries Alex Rattee and Luke Freeman

five year anniversary

Example Facebook post around the new year from Daniel Thomas:


LinkedIn or Facebook profile

Example LinkedIn profile:


Twitter Post

Example twitter post thread from @sleepinyourhat:


Example Twitter post when the pledge certificate arrives from @sritchie


Reddit posts

Example Reddit post from larissa_24joy:


Instagram posts

Example Instagram post celebrating 5 year anniversary from Adam Lapthorn

Forum posts

Example on OzBargain Forum from Waldo000000:


Example Quora answer from Boris Yakubchik:


Medium posts

Example on Medium from @maxghenis


Personal websites

Within a website menu

Example from Luke Freeman:


On your about page

Example from Simon Panrucker:


For example, using one of our badges. Here's sample html code:

<a href=""><img src="//" title="I've pledged to donate at least 10 percent of my income to effective charities" alt="I've pledged to donate at least 10 percent of my income to effective charities" width="250" height="250"/></a>

And here's what it looks like:

I've pledged to donate at least 10 percent of my income to effective charities

As a blog post

Example from Matthew Allcock:


Email signatures

Example of email signature from Alexandra Berlina:


We've also seen members use:

Inline links like those above are much better than non-specific links like "read more" or "click here". Here are some examples of good inline links:

PageKeywordsExample inline link
Giving What We Can HomepageGiving What We Can
Check out Giving What We Can
Giving Recommendationsbest charities to donate to
most effective charities
top recommended charities
best charities
donate effectively
giving recommendations
effective charities
effective altruism charities
I donate 10% of my income to effective charities
Check out this list of the best charities to donate to
Here are some ideas for how to donate effectively
How Rich Am I Calculatorhow rich am I
how rich are you
global rich list
income percentile calculator
am i rich
top 1 percent income world
am I rich
how rich am I calculator
Are you on the global rich list?
Check out this world income percentile calculator
Take A Pledgepledged to give
pledge to give
giving pledge
Giving What We Can pledge
take a pledge
pledge 10 percent
pledge 1 percent
give ten percent
give one percent
I've pledged to give ten percent of my income to effective charities
Check out the Giving What We Can pledge
Myths About Charitycharity myths
aid myths
myths about charity
myths about aid
charity begins at home
It turns out that there are a lot of myths about charity
Giving What We Can has a great page about charity myths which shows…
A common myth is that charity begins at home
Comparing Charitiescompare charities
charity comparisons
are some charities more effective than others
hundreds of times more impact
best and worst charities
It turns out you can have hundreds of times more impact depending on where you give.
When you compare charities
Charity Evaluationcharity evaluation
evaluating charities
how to pick a charity
charity effectiveness
how to evaluate charities
how to pick a good charity
best way to evaluate charities
how to pick a charity to support
charity evaluations
evaluate charities
how to choose a charity to support
choosing a charity
how to evaluate a charity
I recommend you look at this guide about how to pick a charity to support
When evaluating charities it can help to…


We have created some member badges that you can use to link to Giving What We Can.

If you link back to us with an image we recommend making sure you use relevant words in the following elements in an img tag:

  • alt
  • title

If you are using a content management system (such as Wordpress) we recommend you fill in the name and description of the image.