Maulik's 25th birthday fundraiser
Animal Charity Evaluators: Recommended Charity Fund
Effective Altruism Funds: Animal Welfare Fund

Maulik Parekh is raising money for Recommended Charities Fund and the Animal Welfare Fund.






Maulik's 25th birthday fundraiser

For my birthday, I invite you to join me in donating to my fundraiser for reducing non-human animal suffering. I've selected a split between:

These funds select and review the most effective charities that work towards the goal of improving animal welfare and then assign money to them according to their impact and need. There's more info in the links below if you want more details on their workings.




Maulik Parekh

Maulik has always been interested in reducing suffering in the world and help improve the well being of the less fortunate. Here's his message: We usually think of suffering in terms of human poverty and disease. While most people acknowledge non-human animal suffering, the scale of this is enormous and usually not comprehensible for most of us. There are about 40 billion farmed land animals and about 125 billion fish. To have a perspective of the numbers, this is more than the total number of humans to have ever lived (~100 billion). I think it is also important to consider the suffering of these animals and try to help reduce it.

Raising for:

Animal Charity Evaluators: Recommended Charity Fund
Charity 1/2
Animal Charity Evaluators

Recommended Charities Fund

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) Recommended Charity Fund supports the highest-value funding opportunities among its recommended charities, which are those that have the greatest impact helping animals per dollar.

Effective Altruism Funds: Animal Welfare Fund
Charity 2/2
Effective Altruism Funds

Animal Welfare Fund

The Animal Welfare Fund aims to effectively improve the wellbeing of nonhuman animals by making grants that focus on one or more best-in-class opportunities.