Haoxing's 2023 birthday fundraiser
Animal Charity Evaluators: Movement Grants fund

Haoxing Du is raising money for Movement Grants Fund.






Haoxing's 2023 birthday fundraiser

I believe that one of the most important problems in today’s world is the horror of factory farming. I believe that the way we raise animals for food today is harmful to the planet, risks future pandemics, and most importantly, is simply morally unacceptable.

In the US and many developed countries, there has been a steady animal advocacy discourse over the past few decades. It feels like progress has been picking up pace in recent years, especially with the rise of plant-based meat alternatives. However, it seems that in developing nations (such as the one I am from), animal suffering remains invisible. As we see rising living standards, the consumption of animal products is also surging. Given the global nature of the problem, I worry that without a meaningful shift in perspective, humanity might remain set on this distressing path.

This is why that I’m asking for donations to Animal Charity Evaluators’ Movement Grants Fund for my birthday this year. The ACE Movement Grants fund promising advocacy projects around the globe working to reduce animal suffering; their past grantees span the globe from Asia to Africa to the Middle East. I believe that donating to effective charities like this is one of the best ways to help solve the problem, and would love if you have capacity to contribute! If you have questions before donating, or would like to chat more about animal issues in general, feel free to reach out to me.

2020年夏天我读了第一本关于“素食主义”和动物福利的书,Jonathan Safran Foer 的 Eating Animals。我记得我当时的反应是一小半觉得他说的有那么些道理,一大半不解、抗拒、甚至觉得委屈,觉得这些白人不知道吃是中国传统文化多么重要的一部分。


我成为了一个素食主义者,因为我认为当今社会这样大规模生养屠杀动物为食的方式是不道德的。我很担心如果这样发展下去,我们将会犯下历史中最大的错误。今年借我生日之际,我办了一个筹款活动,筹款的对象是 Animal Charity Evalutors 的 Movement Grants Fund。这个基金支持全球各地发展动物福利运动的项目;它的支持对象遍布全球,尤其是很多发展中国家。谢谢大家支持!也欢迎联系我深聊动物福利问题。


Haoxing Du

Haoxing grew up in China and has lived in the US and Canada for eight years. She has a background in physics, and is a Member of Technical Staff at ARC Evals. In her free time she likes to read, cook, climb, fly her paraglider, and explore the outdoors with her dog Hope.

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Animal Charity Evaluators: Movement Grants fund
Animal Charity Evaluators

Movement Grants Fund

The Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) Movement Grants fund promising advocacy projects around the globe working to reduce animal suffering. Applications are accepted annually and grants are determined by a review committee.