Election Candidate: Global Health and Development Fund (EA Funds)
Effective Altruism Funds: Global Health and Development Fund

EA Forum Team is raising money for the Global Health & Development Fund.






Election Candidate: Global Health and Development Fund (EA Funds)

The Global Health and Development Fund recommends grants with the aim of improving people's lives, typically in the poorest regions of the world where the need for healthcare and economic empowerment is greatest.

This Fund primarily supports projects that:

  • Directly provide healthcare or preventive measures that will improve health, wellbeing, or life expectancy.
  • Directly provide services that raise incomes or otherwise improve economic conditions.
  • Provide assistance to governments in the design and implementation of effective policies.

The Fund manager recommends grants to GiveWell’s top charities as a baseline, but will recommend higher-risk grants they believe to be more effective (in expectation) than GiveWell’s top charities. As such, the Fund makes grants with a variety of different risk profiles.

You can find more information and some of their past grants here, and Forum discussion related to their work here.

For more information about how donations are allocated, see the list of past recipients and frequently asked questions on the EA Funds website.

This fundraiser was set up as part of the EA Forum Donation Election event, but it’s a normal fundraiser: donations to this fundraiser will be designated for Global Health and Development Fund, not for the Donation Election Fund or anything else.

Please also note that donating to this fundraiser does not count as a vote for the Global Health and Development Fund in the Donation Election (see more about how the Election works here.)


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Effective Altruism Funds: Global Health and Development Fund
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Global Health & Development Fund

The Global Health & Development Fund aims to improve the health and economic empowerment of people around the world as effectively as possible by granting to promising global health and development projects.