Election Candidate: Against Malaria Foundation
Against Malaria Foundation

EA Forum Team is raising money for Against Malaria Foundation.






Election Candidate: Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) works to prevent malaria-caused deaths and illness by distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets in at-risk, low-income communities. The organisation also consistently monitors its impact through surveys and case rate data.

Malaria kills around 600,000 people each year, the majority of whom are children under 5. Before anti-malaria bed nets were available, AMF estimates that this number was around 1.2 million, and GiveWell confirms that bed net interventions have “exceptionally strong” evidence of impact.

Fighting malaria has economic benefits as well as health benefits. AMF estimates that “every $1m spent fighting malaria efficiently improves the GDP — the wealth — of the continent of Africa by $12m.”

AMF works to prevent malaria in low-income countries, stating: “We fund anti-malaria nets, specifically long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), and work with distribution partners to ensure they are used. We track and report on net use and impact.” AMF’s three guiding principles are efficiency, transparency, and demonstrating impact.

Specifically, AMF:

For more information on how AMF operates, see its website, and related discussions on the EA Forum.

This fundraiser was set up as part of the EA Forum Donation Election event, but it’s a normal fundraiser: donations to this fundraiser will be designated for the Against Malaria Foundation, not for the Donation Election Fund or anything else.

Please also note that donating to this fundraiser does not count as a vote for the Against Malaria Foundation (see more about how the Election works here.)


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Against Malaria Foundation
Against Malaria Foundation

Bednets To Prevent Malaria

AMF's bed net programs protect people from malaria by distributing and ensuring the use of long-lasting insecticidal bednets in regions with the highest burden of malaria cases.