EA@EY Network FY23/24 Fundraiser for GiveWell's Top Charities Fund
GiveWell: Top Charities Fund

EY Effective Altruism Network is raising money for Top Charities Fund.






EA@EY Network FY23/24 Fundraiser for GiveWell's Top Charities Fund

GiveWell aims to find charitable programs that are the most cost-effective at saving lives. They publish rigorous research and recommendation to make it easy for donors to find charity programs that maximise their impact per dollar donated. To be recommended by GiveWell, a program must be estimated to be 10 times as cost-effective as unconditional cash transfers.

Why $5,000?

  • This is GiveWell's conservative estimate of the cost to save a life based on thousands of hours of research and analysis.
  • If we achieve our goal and donate $5,000 to GiveWell, we would be able to say with a reasonable level of certainty, that generous folks at EY have counterfactually saved the life of a child under 5.

EY UK will match £1,000 in donations to this fundraiser.

Programs supported by the fund:
* Malaria Consortium - Seasonal malaria chemoprevention ($7 per child/$5,000 per life saved)
* Against Malaria Foundation - Provision of bed nets to protect against malaria ($5 per net/$5,500 per life saved)
* Helen Keller International - Vitamin A supplementation ($1 per supplement/$4,000 per life saved)
* New Incentives - Cash transfers to incentivise childhood vaccines ($155 per infant vaccinated/$5,000 per life saved)


EY Effective Altruism Network

The EY Effective Altruism Network is a group of EY employees who are passionate about evidence-based giving and strategic approaches to doing more good with our resources.

We run a monthly newsletter of insights and highlights for our network from EY and the Effective Altruism community. We also maintain an internal sharepoint and teams site so that people interested in doing good effectively can connect with each other.

Raising for:

GiveWell: Top Charities Fund

Top Charities Fund

The Top Charities Fund supports the highest-priority funding needs among GiveWell’s top charities, which are evidence-backed, high-impact, and highly cost-effective opportunities to save and improve the lives of people living in low- and lower-middle-income countries.