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Against Malaria Foundation: August - September Update

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11 Sept 2014

This article is part of a series of regular updates on the Against Malaria Foundation. Most of the information for this article has been taken from the AMF website where you can find out more about this organization. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

The Against Malaria Foundation is one of the leading anti-malaria foundations worldwide, and funds the purchase of long-lasting insecticidal nets which are then distributed to areas of need. The organization has been widely commended for its adherence to many of the principles of effective altruism - for instance, AMF emphasizes cost-effectiveness, transparency and a demonstration of impact in its guiding principles[1].

Recent news

Last month, the Against Malaria Foundation reached its 93,000th donation - as shown below [2]


Further, the Against Malaria Foundation is scheduled to distribute long-lasting insecticidal nets in Kasaï Occidental in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Dedza District of Malawi in the near future.

The first distribution in Congo (Dem. Rep.) has been scheduled to occur between July and October of 2014. This proposal is currently in its distribution stage, where on-the-ground distribution of the nets involved will occur in co-operation with local authorities and relevant NGOs. The organization IMA World Health is partnering with the Against Malaria Foundation in order to distribute the 676,000 nets involved. This project was funded by 2,737 separate donations, and cost a total of USD$1,943,850 to fund.[3] This will be one of the biggest distributions scheduled for 2014 by the AMF.

The next distribution in Malawi is scheduled to occur during September and October of 2014. This proposal is still in its pre-distribution stage: a Pre-Distribution Registration Survey is being conducted in order to determine how many nets are needed by the region to ensure that all sleeping areas will receive anti-malaria protection. Once in its distribution stage, the nets will be distributed by Concern Universal, an international development organization that will help distribute around 245,000 insecticidal nets on behalf of the Against Malaria Foundation. This project was funded by 1,274 separate donations, and cost a total of USD$738,800 to fund.[4]

This shows that the AMF is continuing to make serious contributions to alleviate extreme poverty through its bed-net distribution projects. Just these two distributions are estimated to save nearly 800 lives! [5] Stay up to date on the Against Malaria Foundation's activities at their updates page.


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