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80,000 Hours is seeking a Head of Research

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4 Dec 2014

80,000 Hours is our sister organisation - we are cross posting this job opening from their blog:

As Head of Research, you will become part of our founding team to lead our research efforts into how to select the most high-impact careers. Our research is what drives the advice we provide via our website and career coaching.

Specifically, you become responsible for:

  • Deciding what questions to investigate and personally coming up with answers to these questions, or overseeing the delegation of this research to others.
  • Helping to translate these findings into practical products that help people make better decisions - books, web applications, workshops and others.
  • Fitting the research into the overall strategy for the organisation.

We are a small team, so you'll also have the opportunity to be involved in recruitment, fundraising, publishing our findings in the media and whatever else most interests you.

Apply to be our Head of Research


Why apply?

This role combines great potential for impact with great potential for growth and learning. We believe 80,000 Hours has the potential to transform careers advice, and you would be playing a central role in our strategy. As one of the key team members of a rapidly growing small organisation, you'll have a huge amount of responsibility, autonomy and room to grow.

If you work for 80,000 Hours, you’ll be part of a focused team of intelligent, enthusiastic, driven colleagues who want to change the world, located in our offices within the beautiful University of Oxford, just an hour from London .

What does the research involve in more detail?

Check out our existing pages for examples. Some big questions we've focused on so far are:

  • what factors should you look for when comparing two careers? e.g. how to prioritise building skills against your immediate impact?
  • what steps should you take to make your next choice?
  • which career paths are most promising in general?

We set about answering these with a mixture of expert interviews, literature searches and quantitative estimates. All our research findings are applied in our one-on-one coaching to test their usefulness and get further feedback.

Who would it suit?

We're looking for someone who is highly enthusiastic about 80,000 Hours and effective altruism, who could see themselves becoming obsessed with the question 'in which career can you make the most difference?'.

You'll need a combination of research skills honed on messy real-world problems, and exceptionally clear written communication.

Some examples of experience that would be especially useful include: journalism, graduate study (especially in social science), policy research, and philosophy study - though we're interested in anyone who can demonstrate the skills.

The ideal candidate could also grow into a major leadership role within the organisation, so evidence you can run your own thing and lead people is a major plus.

Candidates will be selected on the following traits, and should aim to demonstrate them in their application:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Social skills and network
  • Robust positive self-motivation
  • Having an effective altruist mindset
  • Altruism
  • Focus on effectiveness
  • Writing and verbal skills
  • Relevant experience and skills.

Salaries negotiable.

Please apply here.

Applications close Midnight GMT, Friday 12th December.

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