Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can

Effective Giving Research & Advocacy

Giving What We Can — the nonprofit organisation behind this website and donation platform — is a community of effective givers. We provide the support, community, and information donors need to do the most good with their charitable donations. Donating to this program supports our core operations.

What problem is Giving What We Can working on?

There are millions of charities to choose from when donating. And the choice matters — because lives are on the line. Depending on the charity you pick, you could do a little good, or a lot of good (or in some cases, even do harm). How can people know that their donations will have the impact they want?

Giving What We Can was one of the first in a growing network of like-minded organisations focused on effective altruism — the project of using evidence and reason to figure out how to best contribute to helping others, and taking action on that basis.

What does Giving What We Can do?

Giving What We Can (GWWC) inspires donations to the world’s most effective organisations by creating a culture in which people are encouraged to give more, and give more effectively. We do this through:

We’re a nonprofit funded by philanthropic donations, and all of our programmes are free. Find out more about us.

Why donate to Giving What We Can?

Evidence of Impact:

As of 2022, our community members have donated more than $300 million USD to effective organisations, and more than 8,000 people in more than 90 countries have pledged to give a significant portion of their income to effective charities

In our latest internal impact evaluation, we estimated that from 2020 to 2022:

  • GWWC generated an additional $62 million in value for highly-effective charities.
  • GWWC had a giving multiplier of 30x, meaning that for each $1 spent on our operations, we generated $30 of value to highly-effective charities on average. Please note that this isn’t a claim that your additional dollar will have a 30x multiplier, even though we think it will still add a lot of value. Read more on how to interpret our results.
  • Each new GWWC Pledge generates >$20,000 of value for highly-effective charities that would not have happened without GWWC.

Need for funding:

Our largest funder is Open Philanthropy; however, to encourage the cultivation of a diverse donor base and to help support a wider variety of organisations, Open Philanthropy aims to fund no more than 50% of our budget. This makes the importance of individual donor contributions very important to the success of our operations. We've raised our baseline budget for 2024 but are still looking for funding for our expansion budget (which includes plans that we think would significantly increase the reach of effective giving, but that we won't be able to fund with our baseline budget) as well as our baseline operations in 2025.

Indeed, a recent Open Philanthropy blog post suggests that individual donors support Giving What We Can, due to both its evidence of impact and funding gap.1