Fortify Health

Fortify Health

Fortify Health aims to prevent and reduce anaemia at-scale in India by fortifying wheat flour with iron.

Fortify Health is a non-profit working in India to implement and expand wheat flour fortification in the open market and government safety net programmes; they currently focus their work in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal states. Fortify Health's mission is to improve public health effectively through fortification of staple foods, with the specific goal of reducing the incidence of anaemia, and prevent the downstream consequences of anaemia at population scale by fortifying wheat flour with iron. This mission stems from the belief that access to adequate nutrition and a healthy life is a human right, and from our commitment to evidence-based solutions to global issues. Fortify Health is driven by rigorous evidence and a focus on cost-effectiveness, with the aim of ensuring maximum reach and impact of our programmes.

Fortify Health focuses on two approaches to wheat flour fortification:

  1. The first approach is to support millers, who supply wheat flour to the open market, to set up, launch, and sustain fortification. Fortify Health does this by tackling barriers faced by millers head-on. They believe working with manufacturers supplying wheat flour to the open market is essential to ensure all populations are reached by fortification, since anaemia is high among all socioeconomic groups in India. Fortify Health is currently partnering with 15 mills which are projected to reach 1.65 million people with fortified wheat flour, and aims to continually expand partnerships as they scale.
  2. The second approach is to support the introduction, maintenance and monitoring of wheat flour fortification in government safety net programs (SNPs). Government system collaborations are important for reaching the most vulnerable communities and to have maximal impact. Fortify Health is presently collaborating with the Tribal Development Department (TDD) of Maharashtra to provide fortified wheat flour in government-run ashram schools for indigenous children; at scale this program will reach 192,000 children.

Alongside these two major approaches to fortification, Fortify Health continues to generate evidence around the acceptability of fortification and its programs.

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