Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation (ASF) is an animal advocacy organisation based in Germany. They advocate for farmed animals, including laying hens, broiler chickens, and farmed fish.

What is the Albert Schweitzer Foundation's mission?

ASF's mission is "to focus on the single greatest source of pain and death for animals: the use of animals and animal products as a food source." They support the abolition of factory farming, but they also advocate for incremental improvements to animal welfare until abolition is achieved.

What does the Albert Schweitzer Foundation do?

  • ASF works with food companies to (a) reduce the number of animals raised for food and (b) improve the welfare standards on factory farms.
  • Through their "Vegan Taste Week" program, ASF conducts outreach to encourage consumers to reduce their consumption of animal products.
  • ASF files lawsuits against violations of German animal welfare laws, with the hope of clarifying and improving such laws.
  • ASF works with German politicians to encourage a more animal-friendly government.

Why do we recommend the Albert Schweitzer Foundation?

  • Animal advocacy --- particularly farmed animal advocacy --- is a highly recommended cause area.
  • ASF relies on research, data, and strategic thinking to maximise the impact of their work.
  • ASF has a strong track record of improving the welfare of farmed animals in Germany.
  • Though Animal Charity Evaluators estimates that ASF's recent cost effectiveness was relatively low, ACE's confidence in their estimate is also low. Further, ACE compares the cost effectiveness of the charities they evaluate relative to one another. Most of the charities that ACE reviews are estimated to be highly cost effective, relative to the average animal charity.
  • Animal Charity Evaluators has named ASF a "top charity" for three years in a row.

For more information on the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, we recommend reading Animal Charity Evaluators’ detailed review.

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