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A decade of charity research has shown that you can often have 100x more impact by donating to the best charities.

We show you how to find those charities.

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We believe charitable giving should be subject to the same rigour as other types of spending. The best charities can do 100x more with your dollar, and sometimes this multiplier is even greater.

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We provide (and continually update) a carefully vetted list of high-impact charities and funds based on the research of impact-focused charity evaluators, so you can be confident your donations make a difference.

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to give what you can

We aim to change the norms around charitable giving. Let’s remove the taboo around talking about charity; the more we debate, discuss, and inspire each other, the closer we get to a better world.

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You have more power
than you think.
If you earn ~$60,000/year post-tax

You are the top 1% globally

Graph of income distribution

That’s incredible. The sheer scale of global inequality means that an “ordinary” person living in a high-income country falls somewhere between the top 1 - 5% of income earners worldwide, which means you’re probably on the global rich list. (Look up your salary below to see where you land!)

What if the top 1% donated 10%?

If you donate more effectively

Your $ can go 100x further

Graph of charity efficiency

Many people lump charities into one “doing good” bucket. Others are sceptical that donating works at all. The reality is that not all charities are equal. Most do good work, but the difference between good and great can be substantial. Some charities are significantly more impactful than others.

Learn more by checking out:

How rich am I?

You’ll be amazed at how you compare to the world, and how much impact your donations could have.

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Chris Rouse
Fabio Kuhn
Grace Adams
Conor McGurk
Jo Duyvestyn
Kuhan Jeyapragasan
Joy Nicole Nohemi
Rob Howe
Jack Lewars
Lorenzo Buonanno
Alexander Savard
John Yan
Luke Freeman
Sarah Baka
Henri Thunberg
Aric Floyd
Constance Li
Julian Hazell
Swante Scholz
Patrick Gruban

The 🔸10% Pledge

We think most people want to help others, but don’t realise the incredible opportunity they have to do so, simply by donating a relatively small portion of their income thoughtfully and strategically.

So we created the 🔸10% Pledge – and its associated 🔹Trial, Company, and Further pledges – to inspire more people to give a percentage of their income to help enrich the lives of others.

9,024 people

who have pledged ≥10% of their income

$254 million donated

through 🔸10% and 🔹Trial Pledges

$408 million moved

to high-impact charities by our community

Robert Praas
JP Addison
Gemma Paterson
Alexandre Teixeira
Denise Melchin
Neil Ferro
Spencer Ericson
Luca Stocco
Samie Dorgham
Lorenzo Lupo
Milena Canzler
Toby Ord
Amarins Veringa
Boris Yakubchik
Marcus Davis
Marie Firgau
Fernando Martin-Gullans
Karla Still
Marc Smeehuijzen
Michael Townsend
SoonKhen OwYong
Martin Skadal
Rachel Atcheson
Will MacAskill
Rémi Turquier
Surbhi Bharadwaj
Ashok Parameswaran
Magdalena Kolczyńska
Lucas Moore
Featured Member

Chris Anderson

Head of TED

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson has been head of TED for two decades and has transformed the organization from a niche conference into a globally renowned platform, widely recognized for its TED Talks that reach millions worldwide.

Through his work at TED, he recognised the power of generosity to change the world for the better and has written a new book, Infectious Generosity, to inspire people around the globe to help turn the tide.

Chris has taken the 🔸10% Pledge to give the greater of 10% of income or 2.5% of wealth each year. He also features it in his book!

Read infectious generosity

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Grace Adams

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