Tax deductibility of donations


The organization Ge Effektivt allows Swedish taxpayers to donate to effective charities within global health all around the world in a tax-deductible way and provides donation receipts for all such donations.

Donate via Ge Effektivt

Gifts donated towards Ge Effektivt's recommended organisations within global health qualify for a tax-deduction. You can read more about how this works below, or at the Swedish Tax Agency. Current rules do not approve gifts that help the climate or animals, but must constitute "research" or "social aid".

It is possible to get up to SEK 3,000 in tax deduction for your charitable giving. This applies to those who give at least SEK 200 per occasion, and at least SEK 2,000 in total over the whole year. This SEK 2,000 can be spread over various organizations that are approved recipients. The sum is calculated so that 25% of the amount you donate becomes a tax deduction, i.e. up to SEK 3,000 for those who donate SEK 12,000 during the year.

In order for the donation to be valid for tax-deduction, an approval of the receiving organization from the Swedish Tax Agency is required. This approval was given Ge Effektivt on 2023-01-26, and is valid for three years from the decision.

In order for Ge Effektivt to be able to submit control information to the Swedish Tax Agency, which gives you the tax-deduction on your gift, you need to share your Swedish personal number as you make your donation.