Tax deductibility of donations


For donors in Denmark, we recommend using Giv Effektivt to donate to charities working in the field of global health & development.

Giv Effektivt (CVR 42490903) offers tax-deductible donations for many of our recommended charities in global health & development and work closely with our evaluation partner GiveWell to direct unallocated funding based on evidence and need.

Donate via Giv Effektivt

We recommend Giving What We Can members who donate via Giv Effektivt report their donations on their Pledge Dashboard so that they can track their pledge.

Other Causes

Giv Effektivt is willing to apply for approval for donations to other effective charities. These would be eligible for tax deductibility as well. See contact info on

However, a sufficiently large volume would need to be accumulated to offset the associated fees. If this criterion is not met, we'd recommend using either a donation swap or donating via Giving What We Can and foregoing the tax-deduction.

Donate via Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can members can automatically track donations made via Giving What We Can to their pledge without needing to report them separately.

How much can I claim back?

You get approximately 26% back for deductible charitable donations when you donate to a tax-deductible charity. For regular donations, this applies to annual donations up to around 17.200 DKK (read more here).

However, Pledgers may want to sign a 10-year contract (“gavebrev”) and get tax-deduction for up to 15% of their income before taxes. This contract can be tailored in a way that is very suitable for 10% pledgers. Read more here.