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Does corruption in recipient governments interfere with foreign aid?

A common criticism of giving aid to low-income countries is that the money gets siphoned off by corrupt local officials before it can do any good. Corruption can interfere with aid. However, by donating through reliable and effective charities, it is possible to make a big difference through charitable giving, even in areas where corruption is widespread.

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Doing Good as a Consultant

From journalist to management consultant — that's an unusual path, and many of my friends certainly didn't expect it. Even I would have thought it impossible a few years ago. Now I have my first full calendar year as a consultant behind me and would like to share how I try to improve the world through my work.

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Member Profile: Carlos Tkacz

I give because I have seen enough suffering. I have many things I do not need, and I wish to share my luck with others if possible. I also understand  --- and this is something I learned at a young age through my family --- that much of the good in my life was made possible by others. My parents raised me and so many others worked very hard so that I could have food, medical care, education, clothing, goods, etc. Given this reality, I find it impossible to reconcile the difference between (a) my quality of life and (b) the quality of life of others, whose labor I benefit from. I became a teacher to try to give back, and I give for the same reason.

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Why should we donate money to charity?

We all have the potential to do a substantial amount of good in the world. One way to do good is by donating to effective charities. This post covers some of the reasons why donating is so important: (i) charity helps people who need it, (ii) giving to charity promotes donors' wellbeing, and (iii) charity can help make the world a fairer place.

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February 2021 Newsletter

In this edition you can find our latest job opportunities, upcoming events, updates from our community, news about our top priority cause areas, and ways you can help advocate.

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