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December 2020 Newsletter

2020 has been quite a year. It would be hard to find a single person who's remained unaffected by the turmoil of the pandemic. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted, and we deeply appreciate the support and commitment of this community. Your enthusiasm for making the world a better place is wonderful, touching, and inspiring.

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Member Profile: Alexandra Berlina

"If spending money... can improve my life only marginally, and someone else's life considerably... then it makes more sense to spend it on someone else. I couldn't live with myself if I did nothing." "'s crucial to give effectively, so that the money does the most good it can..." "Don't be shy about spreading the word. I sign off emails with 'I donate 20% of my income to effective charity' -- and I've recently learned that one of my clients took the pledge, too."

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Member Profile: Pippa Gilbert

"I'm fortunate by accident of birth that I'm born European and I've got a decent income, and all the rest of it that we get through living in Europe. Huge numbers of people haven't had this luck and it's just very unfair. There's huge inequality across the world between those people who suffer terrible conditions and those who don't. As long as there's that huge inequality, then I am motivated to keep donating a part of my income."

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How to buy happiness

"Even in a purely self-interested sense, giving can be one of the best uses of our money. Effective philanthropy offers serious bang for our personally-satisfying buck. I do not make this claim spuriously, as there is evidence to support this idea."

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