Our Partnership Approach in Australia

To streamline the donation process for our donors in Australia, Giving What We Can (GWWC) is partnering with Effective Altruism Australia (ABN 87 608 863 467) and Effective Altruism Australia: Environment (ABN 57 659 447 417). These entities act as funding partners and are responsible for operating the GWWC donation platform in Australia, enabling donations to support programs in Global Health and Wellbeing and Climate Change respectively.

As we can only process donations for a single entity at a time, if you would like to donate to both Global Health and Wellbeing and Climate Change programs, you will need to submit these donations separately.

If you have programs from more than one entity in your cart, then you will need to remove programs processed by one of the entities i.e. Effective Altruism Australia: Environment, so you can finalise your donation to Effective Altruism Australia before completing a second transaction to Effective Altruism Australia: Environment.

Reasons for Partnering:

  • Tax Benefits: Partnering with local organisations enables Australian donors to receive tax deductions for their contributions of $2 or more, aligning with local regulations.
  • Operational Efficiency: These partnerships leverage the local expertise of our partners, ensuring donations are managed effectively within Australia.

How the Process Works

  • Privacy Policies: When you donate through the GWWC website, your information will be subject to the privacy policies of both GWWC (here) and the partner organisation (here) managing your donation. We are committed to the responsible handling of your information.
  • Donation Management: Donations made via the GWWC website for the specified programs will be directly received and managed by the respective partner organisation. This arrangement ensures your donations are processed in accordance with Australian regulations, allowing for tax-deductible contributions.
  • Donor Dashboard and Pledge: Your donations will be recorded on the GWWC dashboard and will count towards any commitment you've made, such as the 10% Pledge. This ensures you can track your contribution's impact, despite the change in the processing entity.

Our Objective

This collaboration is rooted in our goal to facilitate effective and efficient donations. It reflects our adaptability and commitment to providing donors with the best possible options for contributing to global causes.

For inquiries or more details about this partnership or any questions about your donation, please contact us.

We value your support and commitment to making a difference through effective giving.