Tax deductibility of donations

United States

Most of the charities we recommend are eligible for a tax deduction in the US if you donate via Giving What We Can.

Donate via Giving What We Can

Many US donors will be able to claim back a significant portion of their donation that would otherwise be taxed. The money that can be claimed from a tax-deductible donation will enable you to be more generous than you initially thought.

Giving What We Can members can automatically track donations made via Giving What We Can to their pledge without needing to report them separately.

How do I claim my tax deduction?

You claim a tax deduction on a charitable contribution by including it as an itemised deduction on your individual income tax return (in Schedule A of Form 1040). To do this you will need a receipt of your contribution, which will be provided by the organisation you have donated to.

You will not be able to claim a tax deduction on your donation if you use a "standard deduction" instead of itemising your deductions on your tax return.

More information (including Schedule A and Form 1040) can be found here.

How much can I claim back?

This website will calculate the amount that you can claim back from your donation.