Tax deductibility of donations


How to donate to our top charities in Norway

Global health & development

The foundation allows Norwegian taxpayers to get tax deductibility for donations to effective charities within global health & development (all of GiveWell's top charities).

Donate through

If you pay taxes in Norway, then donations up to 50 000 NOK per year through are tax-deductible. This might allow you to reduce your taxes by up to 11 000 NOK per year, which could enable you to be more generous and donate more than you initially thought.

We recommend Giving What We Can members who donate via report their donations on their Pledge Dashboard so that they can track their pledge.

Other Causes

If you'd like to donate to other recommended cause areas we'd recommend using either a donation swap or donating via Giving What We Can and foregoing the tax-deduction.

Donate via Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can members can automatically track donations made via Giving What We Can to their pledge without needing to report them separately.