Share Your Effective Giving Story

A great way to advocate for effective giving is by sharing your effective giving story.

Giving What We Can members from all over the world have inspired thousands more people to give more effectively by sharing their stories on social media, on their own websites, on our blog, or even with major media publications.

Please let us know if you share your story so we can spread it further. We also welcome you to submit a member profile for our blog or email us a guest post for us to share on our blog.

Examples from our members

Mainstream media

If you plan to submit your story to a major media outlet we encourage you to get in touch so we can help.

Personal blogs

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Social media & forums

Facebook posts

Example Facebook post after taking the pledge from David Kile:


Example Facebook post on a pledge anniversaries Alex Rattee and Luke Freeman


5 Years of the Pledge

Example Facebook post around the new year from Daniel Thomas:


LinkedIn or Facebook profile

Example LinkedIn profile:


Twitter Post

Example twitter post thread from @sleepinyourhat:


Example Twitter post when the pledge certificate arrives from @sritchie


Reddit posts

Example Reddit post from larissa_24joy:


Instagram posts

Example Instagram post celebrating 5 year anniversary from Adam Lapthorn

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Forum posts

Example on OzBargain Forum from Waldo000000: