Printable Holiday Gift Card

Need a last minute gift this holiday season?

Use one of these festive Giving What We Can cards and gift a donation!

We’ve selected two effective charities with easy-to-understand missions to appeal to the widest audience, and one that you can fully customise with an effective charity of your choice.

Happy gifting!

Click to download the customisable, printable PDFs:


Tips for a great looking card:

  • Pre-fill the name, donation amount, and your message in your PDF reader before printing, or print and write these in by hand
  • Print double-sided, flipping on the short edge
  • The card looks and prints best from Adobe Acrobat

Where to donate:

  • Donate to one of the charities we've selected above or check out our giving recommendations for ideas of other high-impact charities
  • For donors in the US, UK, and The Netherlands we recommend donating via our donation platform
  • For donors in other countries we've compilled a list of recommendations for tax-deductibility by country
  • We recommend including using the 'donation as gift' functionality where possible and otherwise including a printout of an email receipt

Like this idea? Let us know and we might develop this further (e.g. more charities, integrated donation functionality)!

Thanks to Joni Freeman and the Paperplane Co team for their work making these cards.