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Giving What We Can Groups are your local community

Our mission is to create a cultural norm of giving effectively and significantly — and we believe that communities, both global and local, are key to creating that cultural shift.

GWWC groups are local or virtual groups of community members who connect over a desire to do good effectively through giving. As part of a group, you might: discuss how to give effectively, fundraise for effective charities, and spend time with people with similar values. We’re also excited to see groups sharing resources, opportunities, and advice with one another and their broader community.

Our groups are aimed at growing a larger community of people who care about doing good effectively through giving. They are open to anyone who is interested in using their resources to help others, and we actively encourage new attendees, and for existing members to bring friends along.

You might find your local groups hosting:

  • Speaker events
  • Local dinners
  • Pledge celebrations

We hope if you attend an event with a local GWWC group that you walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and warm after having connected with some of the kindest, most generous people around.

 Our communities across the world

Find your local GWWC group

Below is our directory of GWWC groups:

Reach out to the local Group Leader to quickly introduce yourself and find out when the next event will be!

You can also find the upcoming events and discussions for your local group in our global GWWC Community Slack.

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No local group in your area?

If you’re passionate about creating community around effective giving, why not apply to be a GWWC group Leader for your city?

Read more about what the role entails and how to apply!

Find other effective giving community groups

We’ve collated a directory of all the effective giving community groups around the world, so you can find a group near you that shares similar values.

Check out the directory

Please note: These groups are run independently from Giving What We Can by other organisations and individuals.

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