Groups Resources

Running a group, or planning to start one? We've got all the information you need!

Running a Giving What We Can or Effective Altruism group at your university is a challenging and very rewarding experience. We also think it's one of the most effective things you can do with your time as a student.

These resources are designed to help you make the most of your group, with processes for getting started, event ideas, speaking topics, freshers fair/orientation week resources and more.

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Starting and running a group

  1. Starter pack. The most complete and up to date guide on starting a chapter
  2. Slides on starting a chapter. Give a basic overview of the most important things to think about when starting a university chapter
  3. More useful advice on starting a university chapter. An engaging set of tips and tricks for starting a successful chapter.
  4. Local organiser tips. Collection of tips from organisers on how to run local meetup groups.

Freshers Fair Resources

  1. Freshers Fair useful advice. Advice for how to run a successful Freshers Fair stand.
  2. Freshers Fair basic info. Basic information about Giving What We Can for those helping at the Freshers Fair.

Event resources

  1. Events guide. General advice on how to run a good event. Some useful tips and tricks, including Planning, Publicity, and an events menu
  2. Generic feedback form. For soliciting feedback at events. Print out and distribute before the event and then collect at the end.
  3. Speaker guide. List of EA friendly speakers who are sometimes available to speak at university events.
  4. Giving Games folder. Folder containing various resources to help prepare for a Giving Game. Including:
  5. Template presentation. Used for giving games
  6. Presentations on AMF, DMI, Living Goods, SCI, GiveDirectly, Cancer Research UK
  7. Presentations. Miscellaneous presentations including Introductions to effective altruism and cost-effectiveness research

Talking about Effective Altruism

  1. Talking about GWWC. A collection of tips on how to talk about Giving What We Can with people who haven’t heard about it before
  2. The Effective Altruism Handbook. An edited collection of short essays on topics related to effective altruism.

Working with Other Societies

  1. Review of Oxford group’s experience working with Raising and Giving (RAG)
  2. RAG charity nomination forms for AMF and SCI

Brochures and Posters

  1. Various Giving What We Can and Effective Altruism posters and brochures. These can be used to promote events, or to decorate a Freshers Fair stand.
  2. Instructions on how to create a banner for your event. These banners are an excellent way to make your Freshers Fair stand noticeable.
  3. Various logos. Useful if you want to create your own posters or banners

Chapter reviews

  1. Review of Oxford group term. Includes a review of the success of various events and statistics for the best way to publicise events.
  2. Big Match 2013 review. Guide on how to run a Big Match event and the costs and benefits of doing so.


  1. High-quality Images which can be used for presentations and documents.