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Executive Assistant

Giving What We Can (GWWC) is looking for an Executive Assistant to support our Executive Director, Luke Freeman, across a wide range of tasks.

We believe that a skilful communicator who is perceptive, exceptionally organised, and excited to magnify the effectiveness of our team will excel in this role. At GWWC, we’re on a mission to create a world in which giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm.

The application deadline is 17 January at 11:59 PM GMT and we’re looking for someone to start as soon as possible.

Key details

  • Start date: As soon as possible, with a strong preference to start before March.
  • Hours: Ideally full-time; part-time employment and contracting will be considered.
  • Location: Remote.
  • Salary: Approximately £27,609 – £64,734, depending on experience, seniority, and location. Read more about how we think about compensation here.
  • Employment: Permanent employment with a 3-month probation period.
  • How to apply: Submit this form by 17 January at 11:59 PM GMT.
  • Contact:

About the role

We’re looking for an Executive Assistant to join our team and offer stellar support to our Executive Director, Luke Freeman. You’ll be working closely with Luke and providing support across a large range of tasks, as you aim to free up Luke’s time and take ownership of some smaller projects. This role will be instrumental in enabling Luke to focus on bigger strategic topics and high leverage opportunities. This role would also have room for growth in the operations side of the organisation.

This is a remote role. Luke himself is based in Australia, so we have a slight preference for European or US time zones to allow his assistant to join some of his meetings in his stead while also having some workday overlap with his schedule (which varies from 6am to 9pm AEST depending on the day). Luke will be on parental leave for ~3 weeks in March/April, and will return part-time for a period following, which is why we’re looking for someone to join our team as soon as possible.


The role involves working closely with Luke Freeman, providing comprehensive support across various tasks. Your main aim will be to optimise Luke's time and manage smaller projects, allowing him to concentrate on strategic and high-impact activities. The position also involves some degree of general operations support to the broader team and offers potential growth in operations functions.

Responsibilities include:

  • managing Luke's inbox and drafting messages
  • handling donor communications
  • scheduling and calendar management
  • preparing meeting agendas and note-taking
  • organizing team retreats and event preparations
  • supporting communication across multiple platforms
  • managing travel logistics and expenses
  • conducting research and discussing findings
  • regularly checking in on priorities with Luke
  • handling miscellaneous tasks as needed.

About you

If you enjoy supporting people, planning, and juggling many different tasks, we think you’ll enjoy this role and be able to add a lot of value to our team.

The ideal candidate will embody our community and team values, bringing passion for effective giving and a strong alignment with our mission. Beyond that foundation, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • proactive and solutions-oriented, and adept at independently managing projects and solving problems
  • meticulous with details, but also able to effectively prioritize and focus on critical tasks
  • eager to provide top-notch assistance and lovingly support our team
  • skilled at “watch team backup”, attuned to potential issues, and ready to speak up and step in to help
  • highly organised, using systems and processes to coordinate complex schedules and competing demands
  • an exceptional communicator, pairing warmth with clarity and conviction
  • able to deeply understand Luke’s perspective and priorities in order to best assist him (you can get a sense of these from his AMA)
  • comfortable constructively critiquing and challenging when needed to further goals — with care, candour, and respect
  • technically proficient in modern business tools and capable of building reports, automations, and dashboards (or willing to learn new tools).

We value each member's unique contribution to our team, recognising that no one person will embody all these elements. If you’re passionate about our mission, resonate with our values, and believe you can contribute in these dimensions, we encourage you to apply!

We’re a small team and care deeply about our team culture, which is very supportive while encouraging high standards and ambition. We want you to succeed in your career and feel supported to grow.

Salary & benefits

Our salary calculator gives an estimated widest range of £27,609 — £64,734, depending on experience, seniority, and location. We expect the preferred candidate will most likely be near the middle of this range. Read more about how we think about compensation here.

Benefits may vary slightly by location but typically include:

  • Prioritised health & wellbeing: We provide private medical, vision, and dental insurance; up to 3 weeks’ paid sick leave; and a mental health allowance of $5,000 each year.
  • Flexible working: You’re generally free to set your own schedule (with some overlapping hours with colleagues as needed).
  • Generous vacation: 25 days’ holiday each year, plus public holidays.
  • Professional development opportunities: We offer a $5,000 allowance each year for professional development. We build in opportunities for career growth through on-the-job learning, increasing responsibility, and role progression pathways.
  • Parental leave and support: New parents have up to 14 weeks of fully-paid leave and up to 52 weeks of leave in total. We can also provide financial support to help parents balance childcare needs.
  • Pension & income protection: We offer a 10% employer / 0% employee 401(k) contribution, and income protection (“disability insurance”).
  • Equipment to help your productivity: We’ll pay for high-quality and ergonomic equipment (laptop, monitors, chair, etc.) in the office, or at home if you work remotely.
  • Global team retreats: As a remote team we hold in-person staff retreats once to twice a year, to work on our plans and build strong working relationships.

Application process

Here’s a summary of the application process for a successful candidate. We might make adjustments.

  1. Complete this application form by 17 January at 11:59 PM GMT.
  2. Complete 1-2 work tests designed to simulate the work you would do if hired and evaluate certain skills important for success in the role.
  3. Attend a remote interview.
  4. Submit references.
  5. As needed, attend a 1-day paid trial to allow you and us to see what it would be like if you worked at GWWC. You’ll be able to meet the team, including the person who would be your manager.
  6. Receive an employment offer!


We held a Q&A for this role on 10 January 2023 at 8pm UTC. You can read the submitted questions and watch the recording of the Q&A here.

About GWWC

GWWC is on a mission to create a world in which giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm.

We believe that charitable donations can do an astonishing amount of good. However, because the effectiveness of different charities varies wildly, it is important that we donate to the most effective charities if we want to have a significant impact.

We are focused on increasing the number of donors who prioritise effectiveness, and helping them to maximise their charitable impact throughout their lives. We are best known for the Giving What We Can Pledge, where 8,773 people have pledged to give over 10% of their lifetime income to high-impact charities. To date, our pledgers — representing over 100 countries — have donated an estimated $333 million USD to high-impact charities, and have committed nearly $3 billion more via their lifetime pledges.

The GWWC team is hard-working and mission-focused, with a culture of open and honest feedback. We also like to think of ourselves as a particularly friendly and optimistic bunch.

In all our work, we strive to take a positive and collaborative attitude, be transparent in our communication and decision-making, and adopt a scout mindset to guide us towards doing the most good we can do, including by evaluating our own impact and learning from the results. To learn more, check out our current strategy.

Diversity & inclusion

We’re an equal opportunities employer and value diversity at our organisation. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability. We’re happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our organisation.