Good Energy Collective

Good Energy Collective

Good Energy Collective is a women-led, worker self-directed policy nonprofit that is developing and advancing community-centred, equitable policies for nuclear energy.


What problem is Good Energy Collective working on?

Good Energy Collective believes that nuclear energy will be needed to reach ambitious climate goals, but we must first reconstruct the technology for a new era — complete with modern, socially grounded approaches.

Good Energy Collective is building the progressive case for nuclear energy to align with environmental justice and sustainability goals.

What does Good Energy Collective do?

Good Energy Collective (GEC) researches and communicates policies that support the equitable adoption of advanced nuclear energy and that uphold progressive values. It develops policies at every scale to accelerate the just and equitable deployment of advanced nuclear technologies. Its research is rooted in social science and champions a whole-of-government approach, so that communities can go from ideas, to development, to thoughtful and effective deployment faster and more efficiently.

In addition to its policy research, GEC:

  • Regularly educates federal officials and congressional staff about its nuclear-inclusive, justice-centred climate policy agenda.
  • Works with climate and environmental justice organisations to co-develop equitable nuclear policy.
  • Engages with industry players and trade groups to help them integrate social and environmental justice frameworks into nuclear planning, siting, and community engagement activities.
  • Minimises redundant workstreams and maximises impact by coordinating with other nonprofit organisations working on nuclear policy.

To maintain independence, GEC does not accept donations from corporate actors in the nuclear industry, and its fully remote work structure reduces operational costs related to office space, supplies, and travel.

GEC was recommended as a top nonprofit working on climate change by Giving Green in 2022.

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