The Humane League (Corporate campaign programs)
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The Humane League

Corporate Animal Welfare Campaigns

THL's corporate campaign programs promote farmed animal welfare through industry pressure and advocacy

What problem is The Humane League working on?

According to The Humane League, 94% of all animals raised for food are on factory farms. This means that 130 billion farmed land animals suffer every day. Chickens are one of the animal groups most affected, and often suffer in unimaginable ways, including by being kept in very small battery cages.

What does The Humane League do?

Through its corporate campaigns, the Humane League (THL) works relentlessly to end the abuse of chickens raised for food. Specifically:

We recommend THL’s corporate campaign work based on four separate pieces of evidence:

For more on our decision to recommend The Humane League’s corporate campaigns — and why we made an exception to our usual approach of evaluating evaluators and directly relying on their recommendations — see our evaluation report on Animal Charity Evaluators.

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