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I give 10 percent of my income to charity. You should, too.

by Dylan Matthews for Vox

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Photo of The TED Interview podcast episode with Natalie Cargill and Ted Anderson featuring the Giving What We Can pledge

How to solve the world's biggest problems

with Head of TED Chris Anderson and Natalie Cargill for The TED Interview

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The people who give some of their salary away – and why they do it

by Susanne Bearne for Positive News Magazine

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Want to Do More Good? This Movement Might Have the Answer

by Naina Bajekal for Time Magazine

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De Correspondent article featuring the Giving What We Can Pledge

If you believe everyone is equal, why are you so rich?

by Rutger Bregman, De Correspondent

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Article about how rich most people living in high-income countries are

Lots of Americans are in the global 1%. A tenth of their income could transform the world.

by Sigal Samuel

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2024-06-21Dr. Michael Noetel talks about Giving What We Can on Melbourne radio — clip here3AW Radio3AW Radio
2024-06-21Charity drops when needed mostThe Age (print)Shane Wright
2024-06-20More Australians need help but we're giving lessThe Sydney Morning HeraldShane Wright
2024-05-23How to solve the world’s biggest problems with Natalie CargillTED InterviewChris Anderson and Natalie Cargill
2024-04-25How to use your time and money for good – as effectively as possible – with Will MacAskillTED InterviewChris Anderson and Will MacAskill
2024-01-23Chris Anderson — Infectious Generosity: The Ultimate Idea Worth SpreadingThe Michael Shermer ShowMichael Shermer and Chris Anderson
2024-01-23Infectious GenerosityInfectious GenerosityChris Anderson
2023-12-14Lucia Coulter on preventing lead poisoning for $1.66 per child (Section on GWWC at 02:02:18)80,000 Hours PodcastGuest: Lucia Coulter Host: Rob Wiblin
2023-11-28I give 10 percent of my income to charity. You should, too.VoxDylan Matthews
2023-10-16#9 — Giving Away Half Your Profits with James Gauci (section around 56mins)Tech Huddle PodcastGuest: James Gauci, Hosts: Kelvin Bulwinkel and Patrick McCallum
2023-09-15Lots of Americans are in the global 1%. A tenth of their income could transform the world.VoxSigal Samuel
2023-05-08 Who gives? Characteristics of those who have taken the Giving What We Can pledgeJournal of PersonalityMatti Wilks, Jessica McCurdy, Paul Bloom
2022-08-10Want to Do More Good? This Movement Might Have the AnswerTime MagazineNaina Bajekal
2022-08-09Three Sentences That Could Change the World — and Your LifeNew York TimesEzra Klein
2022‑04‑04 The people who give some of their salary away – and why they do itPositive NewsSuzanne Bearne
2022‑04‑04Doctor donates more than $53,000 to charityShepparton NewsNicola Ceccato
2022‑01‑30COVID and the global wealth gap: What can be done to fix it?DW NewsAnne-Sophie Brändlin
2022‑01‑24Giving What We Can: Helping donors find the right charityi24News
2022‑01‑01New year’s resolutions: ‘I’m going to give away 10% of my income’The Guardian UKSuzanne Bearne
2021‑12‑17You And Yours Interview (11:14-17:35)BBC Radio 4Peter White
2021‑12‑15"Die Zukunft der Menschheit sichern"ZeitGötz Hamann und John F. Jungclaussen
2021‑12‑02Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can Vet Causes and Offer Resources for Meaningful Card Rewards DonationsCardRates.comAdam West
2021‑12‑13Would you give 10% of your salary to charity?BBCSuzanne Bearne
2021‑07‑10Giving What We Can: Effective AltruismBorgen MagazineEvan Winslow
2021‑05‑21If you believe everyone is equal, why are you so rich?De CorrespondentRugter Bregman
2020‑11‑30Don’t wait: The case for giving sooner rather than laterVoxKelsey Piper
2020‑11‑30This man has donated at least 10% of his salary to charity for 11 years runningVoxDylan Matthews
2020‑10‑30The altruists who give thousands from their salaries to charities: ‘It feels like the right thing to do’iNewsSuzanne Bearne
2020‑09‑02The Giving What We Can Pledge encourages you to donate 10% of your incomeCarenewsAxelle Playoust-Braure
2020‑09‑01The global financial elite? You are that!Perspective DailyChris Vielhaus
2020‑08‑19What worms can teach us about the AI apocalypseUnherdTom Chivers
2020‑04‑20The Energy Bulletin Weekly 20 April 2020Resilience
2020‑03‑21How To Give It: the good listFinancial TimesClaire Wrathall
2020‑03‑16Who gives?Tortoise MediaJenny Kleeman
2020‑03‑05Book review: The Precipice by Toby Ord​Evening StandardDavid Sexton
2020‑01‑06The what and why of effective altruism (and how you can do it too) Kirk
2019‑12‑17Best charities 2018: where your money will do the most goodVoxDylan Matthews
2019‑12‑02Toby Ord explains his pledge to give 10% of his pay to charityVoxDylan Matthews
2019‑11‑09‘I give away half to three-quarters of my income every year’The GuardianSuzanne Bearne
2019‑09‑26Is this the most important century in human history? - VoxVoxKelsey Piper
2019‑05‑29Britain's youngest self-made billionaire joins the Giving PledgeUK FundraisingMelanie May
2019‑05‑28MacKenzie Bezos and a Cryptocurrency Billionaire Among New Giving Pledge SignersThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyMaria Di Mento
2019‑04‑26Cory Booker is winning the charity primaryVoxKelsey Piper
2019‑02‑11Uncontroversial ideas, surprising implicationsDuke ChronicleJoe Choo-Choy
2018‑11‑27Giving Tuesday 2019: news and updatesVoxSigal Samuel
2018‑11‑26#GivingTuesday 2019: consider recurring donationsVoxKelsey Piper
2018‑10‑15Global poverty, climate change: Future Perfect explores effective ways to fix the world’s biggest problemsVoxDylan Matthews
2018‑05‑16Giving in the Light of ReasonStanford Social Innovation ReviewMarc Gunther
2018‑04‑05An Interview with William MacAskill, Founding Member of Effective AltruismThe Yale PoliticSebastian Quaade
2018‑04‑04What's the Best Way to Do Good? Effective Altruism ExplainedRESET.orgSarah-Indra Jungblut
2018‑02‑16It's not how much we give…Varsity OnlineNina Jeffs
2017‑12‑04The millennials donating 10% of their pay to save the worldThe GuardianSuzanne Bearne
2017‑08‑11"They are changing the world": thinkers choose their favourite living philosophersProspect Magazine
2017‑06‑20This Fund Lets You Pool Your Money To Help The Most Efficient CharitiesFast CompanyBen Paynter
2017‑06‑156 Answers to Jeff Bezos's Tweet Asking How to Be a Better GiverInc.comMinda Zetlin
2017‑06‑08Effective giving: how the world's wealthy could help millions more people for freeThe Conversation UKTheron Pummer
2017‑05‑10Andy Burnham is giving part of his salary away. Should we all follow suit?The GuardianSophia Deboick
2017‑03‑29Give to someone other than the Childhood Cancer AssociationDagbladet.noAksel Braanen Sterri
2017‑03‑09Donors look for charities with the greatest future impactFinancial TimesAndrew Jack
2017‑02‑25How to be good: Can science show us how to save the world?New ScientistNiall Firth
2016‑12‑31Do not know what to promise? Here you get the world's best New Year's promiseNyheter24Vera Wellander Lindén
2016‑12‑06How Penn students are trying to be more efficient in their charitable givingThe Daily PennsylvanianJinAh Kim
2016‑10‑31Peter Singer’s effective altruismDevelopment Policy Centre's Aid ProfilesStephen Howes
2016‑07‑24Giving To Charity -- How Much Is Generous?ForbesJake Hayman
2016‑07‑18Improve the world as effectively as possibleParool.nlNouschka van der Meijden
2016‑05‑05This Mother's Day, consider giving malaria bednets in your mom's honorVoxDylan Matthews
2016‑04‑28The Maximum Good: One Man's Quest to Master the Art of DonatingEsquire.comA.J. Jacobs
2016‑04‑07Giving What We CanThe SaintKirsty Hardwick
2016‑03‑24Why it’s OK to be a leftie and give to charityThe GuardianSusanna Rustin
2016‑02‑25Effective altruism: Will donors change their ways?Third SectorSusannah Birkwood
2016‑01‑22Will MacAskill on Doing Good BetterThe Great Work PodcastMichael Bungay Stanier
2016‑01‑04A Lifetime Resolution: The Giving What We Can PledgeHuffington PostAkilnathan Logeswaran
2015‑12‑26Save the Rainforests for 100 BucksDaily BeastVlad Chituc
2015‑12‑07The good life... how true altruism is rareIrish IndependentGabrielle Monaghan
2015‑12‑04The power and efficacy of effective altruismFinancial TimesAliya Ram
2015‑12‑01What does financially effective global charity look like?INTHEBLACKMichael Blayney
2015‑11‑30Peter Singer's Extremely Altruistic HeirsThe New RepublicJudith Lichtenberg
2015‑11‑23Will MacAskill on Effective Altruism, Y Combinator, and Artificial Intelligence (#120)The Tim Ferriss ShowTim Ferriss
2015‑11‑20Effective AltruismScience For The People
2015‑11‑19The Generosity of Individuals Can Change the WorldTIMESue Desmond-Hellmann
2015‑11‑15The Philosopher of DoomsdayThe New YorkerRaffi Khatchadourian
2015‑11‑11How to Do Good Better with Will MacAskillThe School of GreatnessLewis Howes
2015‑11‑05Giving What We Can: St Andrews lecturer changes the way we think about charityThe SaintOscar Westerblad
2015‑10‑09This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 a year to charityQuartzWilliam MacAskill
2015‑09‑24Stop the Robot ApocalypseLondon Review of BooksAmia Srinivasan
2015‑09‑22Extreme altruism: should you care for strangers at the expense of your family?The GuardianLarissa MacFarquhar
2015‑09‑08Evaluating benefits of de-worming kids opens a can of wormsHumanosphereTom Murphy
2015‑09‑07William MacAskill on Effective Altruism and Doing Good BetterEconTalkRuss Roberts
2015‑08‑27Can We Make Charitable Giving More Effective?Greater GoodJill Suttie
2015‑08‑26Herald Checklist: Books for the weekend, including Doing Good Better: Effective Altruism And A Radical New Way To Make A Difference by William MacAskillHerald ScotlandMary Ann Pickford
2015‑08‑25Charities need admin money says boffinOxford Mail
2015‑08‑20Doing Good Better by William MacAskill review - if you read this book you'll change the charities you donate toThe GuardianDavid Shariatmadari
2015‑08‑07Response to Hauke HillebrandtBoston ReviewEmily Clough
2015‑08‑03Elon Musk - SuperintelligenceHuffington PostMelody Guan
2015‑08‑03You have 80,000 hours in your career. Here's how to do the most good with themVoxDylan Matthews
2015‑08‑03Doing Good Is No Place For EmotionCenter for Global DevelopmentRajesh Mirchandani
2015‑07‑31Why eating eggs causes more suffering than eating beefVoxDylan Matthews
2015‑07‑31Effective Altruism Continued: On Measuring ImpactBoston ReviewHauke Hillebrandt
2015‑07‑30Doing Good Needed to Be Done a Bit BetterHuffington PostKate Grant
2015‑07‑27Young, smart and want to save lives? Become a banker, says philosopherReutersJoseph D'Urso
2015‑07‑2780,000 Hours: Giving time to give moneyMalay Mail OnlineMalay Mail
2015‑07‑22You Are The 1%: How One Person Can Save Dozens Of LivesFastcoexistAdele Peters
2015‑07‑20Doing Good Better: William MacAskill on 'Effective Altruism' & How to Maximise Positive Global ImpactThe Rich Roll PodcastRich Roll
2015‑07‑17Ten Australians Who Are Nailing It AbroadJunkeeJaymz Clements
2015‑07‑16Elon Musk To Address 'Nerd Altruists' At Google HQHuffington PostNico Pitney
2015‑07‑151000 people match Oxford philosopher’s ‘10% of future income’ charity pledgeUniversity of Oxford
2015‑07‑09Effective AltruismPsychology TodayMarty Nemko
2015‑07‑01Response to Effective AltruismBoston ReviewIntern
2015‑06‑15The Greatest GoodThe AtlanticDerek Thompson
2015‑06‑15The Most Efficient Way to Save a LifeThe AtlanticDerek Thompson
2015‑06‑12The Secret to Making Yourself Happier? Give Your Money AwayHuffington PostAndreas Mogensen
2015‑05‑28We Want to Know That We're Making a Real Contribution. That's Why We Pledged at Least 10% of Our IncomeHuffington PostSeini O'Connor & Tobias Haque
2015‑05‑28The philosophy of givingLate Night Live (ABC Radio National)Phillip Adams
2015‑05‑21Doing good by doing wellThe Economist
2015‑05‑20Choosing where to donate to charity is tough. Here's a simple guide to help.VoxDylan Matthews
2015‑05‑19Buying Fair Trade? There Are Better Ways to Help the PoorHuffington PostLarissa Hesketh-Rowe
2015‑05‑11I'm Giving Away Most Of The Money I'll Ever Earn. Here's How I'm Doing It.Huffington PostToby Ord
2015‑05‑10Philosopher Peter Singer on why all men are not created equalSouth China Morning PostJo Baker
2015‑05‑02You have $8 billion. You want to do as much good as possible. What do you do?VoxDylan Matthews
2015‑04‑27Together We Can Eradicate MalariaHuffington PostHauke Hillebrandt
2015‑04‑23Students pledge 10 percent of future incomeThe Daily PennsylvanianMargaret Schroeder
2015‑04‑19The New Social Movement of Our Generation: Effective AltruismHuffington PostMelody Guan
2015‑04‑13On AltruismBBC Radio 4Tom Sutcliffe
2015‑02‑27The man behind Oxfam: Mark GoldringVarsityAllan Hennessy
2015‑02‑16The Campaign: Giving What We CanCherwellHenry Phipps
2015‑01‑13Risky GivingPractical EthicsTheron Pummer
2015‑01‑12Scientists entrepreneursFinfactsMichael Hennigan
2014‑12‑29Why The Pledge is not enoughVarsityAmy Hawkins
2014‑12‑27Why I'm giving 10 per cent of my income to charityVarsityZack Hassan
2014‑11‑15When Should 'Effective Altruism Day' Occur?PatheosLeah Libresco
2014‑10‑23Princeton philosopher Peter Singer encourages 'effective altruism' at PennThe Daily PennsylvanianNanette Elufa
2014‑10‑23Sowing the seeds: SPI CEO Peter Marks calls for local heroismMountain XpressErik Peake
2014‑10‑08#WakeUpCall is the latest trendy hashtag campaign and they all need to endThe IndependentLucy Hunter Johnston
2014‑10‑07Effective Altruists' Want to Be Nice in the Most Efficient Way PossibleVICEHuw Oliver
2014‑10‑03The Scientists Preparing for The ApocalypseThe New RepublicSophie McBain
2014‑09‑25Apocalypse soon: the scientists preparing for the end timesNew StatesmanSophie McBain
2014‑09‑25Penn students are 'Giving What We Can' to the fight against global povertyThe Daily PennsylvanianAnna Hardcastle
2014‑08‑27Why I turned down the Ice Bucket ChallengeThe TelegraphMichael Wilkinson
2014‑08‑26Ice Bucket Challenge Rules Explained: How Challenge Helps ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease Charities?Christian PostArvin Donguines
2014‑08‑24The Philosophy of Giving: Issue 91Philosophy NowClaire Hamlett
2014‑08‑21Ice bucket challenge: More than just hashtag activism?CBS NewsStephanie Condon
2014‑08‑14The cold hard truth about the ice bucket challengeQuartzWilliam MacAskill
2014‑07‑17Reason and romance: The world's most cerebral marriageProspect MagazineDavid Edmonds
2014‑02‑13A new generation of philanthopists want impact and engagementThe GuardianCaroline Fiennes
2014‑02‑13Aid to Africa: Better to bypass NGOs and give directly?The Christian Science MonitorTom Murphy
2013‑12‑30Open Letter to Those Who Don't Give to CharityHuffington PostEric Friedman
2013‑12‑26The Wonkblog Guide to Holiday GivingThe Washington PostDylan Matthews
2013‑12‑10Charities in the ethical spotlightEthical ConsumerAnna Clayton
2013‑12‑06Making a Difference in This Season of GivingThe New York TimesTara Siegel Bernard
2013‑11‑21You can save lives: Angie Normandale for Charities and CommunitiesThe Oxford StudentJosh Goldenberg
2013‑11‑03A New Donor Movement Puts Data Ahead of PassionThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyBen Gose
2013‑10‑24NonStop! exposure for naked BluesThe Oxford StudentNicholas Toner
2013‑10‑23Charity Navigator Revamps Ratings System to Evaluate Charities' Actual ResultsReasonJess Remington
2013‑10‑02It's OK to have a big carbon footprint and pay others not toQuartzWilliam MacAskill
2013‑06‑11How charity evaluators are changing the donations landscapeThe GuardianSteven Mathieson
2013‑06‑04The Way to Produce a PersonThe New York TimesDavid Brooks
2013‑05‑31Join Wall Street. Save the world.The Washington PostDylan Matthews
2013‑05‑31The Rise of the SingeriansNational ReviewReihan Salam
2013‑05‑20What is Effective Altruism?Practical EthicsWilliam MacAskill
2013‑05‑16What we can learn from one of the worst charities in the worldQuartzWilliam MacAskill
2013‑05‑15Being SupermanProspect MagazineJosh Lowe
2013‑04‑29What's Important About Money to You?The New York TimesCarl Richards
2013‑03‑15Sponsoring student adventures with added charity.Practical EthicsSeán Ó hÉigeartaigh
2013‑02‑25Will humans be around in a billion years? Or a trillion?AeonRoss Andersen
2013‑01‑28Cause for ThoughtVarsityDylan Morris
2013‑01‑17Give a little, but give it wellNew StatesmanTim Wigmore
2013‑01‑08The Man Who Gives Away a Third of his IncomeNew StatesmanMartha Gill
2012‑12‑23Toby Ord - Giving What We CanRNZChristine Cessford
2012‑12‑18How Much Good Can You Do? There's A Calculator For ThatNPRJessica Deahl
2012‑12‑15Charities Fear For Survival As Donations DropSky
2012‑12‑15Ethics professor inspires $100 million of charitable donationsThe Oxford StudentSophie von der Tann
2012‑12‑14Why Your Charitable Donations Probably Aren't Doing Much GoodForbes
2012‑12‑14Oxford professor inspires wave of charitable donationsCherwellRowan Borcher
2012‑12‑14Professor inspires wave of charitable donationsCherwellRowan Borchers
2012‑12‑12Reductionism in the So-Called Science of Giving?Nonprofit QuarterlyRob Meiksins
2012‑12‑10Academic’s pledge inspires hundreds across globeOxford Times
2012‑12‑10Are some charities 100 times better than others?University of Oxford
2012‑12‑09Oxford don sparks flood of charity cashThe Sunday TimesNicholas Hellen
2012‑12‑05Putting Charities to the TestThe New York TimesTina Rosenberg
2012‑09‑08Feeling Good About Giving 'til it HurtsCanberra TimesKate Burke
2012‑09‑07Meet the TEDx Canberra presentersABC
2012‑06‑12Impact Investing: The Big Business of Small DonorsEuromoneyKanika Saigal
2012‑04‑30Development Drums: Toby Ord on Giving What We CanCenter for Global DevelopmentOwen Barder
2012‑04‑19Episode 29: Toby Ord on Giving What We CanDevelopment DrumsOwen Barder
2012‑04‑06Research Analyst Provides Perspective on Charity DonationsThe Daily TargumNia Lizarda
2012‑01‑06Unthinkable? Giving 10%The Guardian
2011‑12‑24The Joy of GivingThe GuardianSusanna Rustin
2011‑12‑24The Saturday interview: Toby Ord and Bernadette Young on the joy of givingThe GuardianSusanna Rustin
2011‑11‑28Small Sacrifice, Big ReturnThe Wall Street JournalJavier Espinoza
2011‑11‑24Helping the Poor by Getting Rich?Ceasefire MagazineMusab Younis
2011‑11‑0310% of my earnings pledged to charityThe Oxford StudentFrances Reed
2011‑06‑12The Biology of EthicsChronicle of Higher EducationChristopher Shea
2011‑05‑08The IoS Happy List 2011 - the 100The IndependentPatricia Roffey and Emily Dugan
2011‑03‑16College Students and GivingThe Chronicle of Philanthropy
2011‑02‑13The Tithe That Binds: a Reasoned Campaign Against Global PovertyChronicle of Higher EducationDon Troop
2011‑01‑28First Person: Toby OrdFinancial TimesCole Morton
2010‑12‑27What happened next? Give what you canThe GuardianEmine Saner
2010‑12‑23Academic cuts wage, forever, so others may liveThe AustralianPeter Wilson
2010‑12‑21Ordinary People, Extraordinary GivingNBC New YorkJames Eng
2010‑12‑13Toby Ord: Why I'm giving £1m to charityBBC NewsTom Geoghegan
2010‑12‑11Pledging to give what they canThe Wall Street JournalShelly Banjo
2010‑12‑08Oxford academic Toby Ord gives salary to charityBBC News
2010‑12‑06Nick Beckstead on The Dylan Ratigan ShowNBC Dylan Ratigan ShowDylan Ratigan
2010‑12‑04Rutgers students launch movement, promise half of salary to charities for lifeHuffington PostKelly Heyboer
2010‑12‑03Rutgers University students launch movement to inspire lifelong charity givingThe Star-Ledger - NJ.comKelly Heyboer
2010‑12‑03Do we have a duty to donate to charity?Kristeligt DagbladBjarne Nørum
2010‑11‑28C’mon, take more of my money, says Oxford donThe Sunday TimesRichard Woods
2010‑01‑0330 ways to a better lifeThe Guardian
2009‑11‑21Toby Ord's philosophy is one we all could learn fromThe TelegraphJemima Lewis
2009‑11‑19Would you give a third of your salary away to charityThe GuardianEmine Saner
2009‑11‑16Take my money: I don’t want itThe AustralianRichard Woods
2009‑11‑15I will give £1m to charity, says Oxford don on £33000 salaryDaily MailVanessa Allen
2009‑11‑14Academic pledges to give away £1mBBC
2009‑11‑14Oxford researcher to give half his wages away to charity - for the rest of his working lifeOxford MailFran Bardsley